Instagram Reels is the latest feature of social media that can replace TikTok. The reel is a 15-second video, exactly the same as TikTok’s video. Now TikTok has been banned, Instagram has become very popular, and Instagram has filled a big gap. Since this feature is still very new, many people are wondering how to watch Instagram Reels. We don’t blame you, because Instagram makes Reels not as easy to spot as Instagram Stories.

How to watch Instagram reels

There are multiple ways to watch Instagram reels quickly and easily. This is how you can easily achieve it.

  1. Open Instagram and browse your feed until you find any Reels videos. You will see the Reels icon at the bottom left of the video. Tap the icon and it will only take you to Reels. The video will keep looping until you swipe down to watch more videos.
  2. Another way to watch Instagram reels is by clicking magnifier icon. You will see a huge Reels video at the top.Tap reel with Brush down Watch more Reels videos.
  3. If you publish Reels, you can also go to your profile page and click reel icon.

These are the main ways to watch Instagram reels. The main difference between the reels and TikTok is that the reels are limited to 15 seconds. TikTok allows you to upload longer videos.

Do you like Instagram scroll? Do you think it can replace TikTok? Let us know through the comments.

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Pranay Parab
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