Facebook’s Instagram is rolling out a feature that prevents users from viewing potentially abusive messages by filtering offensive words, phrases, and emojis in the photo-sharing application.

The company said on Wednesday that in addition to filter options for misuse of direct information, this will also make it more difficult for people blocked by users to circumvent and contact them through new accounts.

Instagram has been working hard to address hate speech and online abuse on its platform, which is more popular among teenagers than Facebook’s main app.

This filter can be activated in the privacy settings on Instagram and can be customized by users to include words, phrases and emojis they wish to block or avoid receiving in their message requests.

Instagram says that users can decide for themselves whether they want to report, delete or open messages, and these messages will be sorted into a hidden request folder.

Instagram stated that the feature only applies to direct message requests, not to the inbox itself, and it will be launched in certain countries in the next few weeks.

Starting in a few weeks, all users will also have an expansion option that can completely prevent people from contacting them on Instagram after blocking their accounts.

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