Facebook-owned Instagram released a technology on Tuesday designed to prevent underage children from creating accounts and prevent adults from contacting young users they don’t know.

This is the latest step in response to concerns about inappropriate contact between adults and children on the platform. Like most services, the minimum age limit for this age group is 13 years old.

Instagram will begin to use artificial intelligence to determine the age of users at the time of registration in order to find underage users.

“Although many people are honest about their age, we know that young people can lie about their date of birth. We want to do more to prevent this from happening, but verifying people’s age online is complicated. Many people in our industry are working hard to solve this problem.”, a blog post said.

“In response to this challenge, we are developing new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help us keep young people safe and apply age-appropriate new features.”

In addition, the California giant said it will introduce a new feature to prevent adults from sending messages to people under the age of 18 who are not following them, in order to prevent unnecessary contact.

Instagram said: “This feature relies on our work to predict the age people use machine learning technology and the age people give us when they sign up.”

Instagram is also looking for ways to make it more difficult for adults who exhibit “potentially suspicious behavior” to interact with teens, including restricting these adults from viewing suggested teen accounts.

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The image-focused network indicates that it will alert teenagers to potentially suspicious behaviors of adults, including sending large numbers of private messages.

Instagram said: “We will use this tool to remind recipients… and give them the option to end the conversation, block, report or restrict adults.”

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