The Indian Newspaper Association (INS) asked Google on Thursday to compensate Indian newspapers for using its content, and insisted that the global search giant increased the publisher’s share of advertising revenue to 85%.

INS President L Adimoolam said in a letter to Google that publishers also face a very opaque advertising system because they cannot obtain detailed information on Google’s advertising value chain.

INS said in a statement: “The association insists that Google increase the publisher’s share of advertising revenue to 85%, and to ensure greater transparency in the revenue reports Google provides to publishers.”

It pointed out that in the past year, publishers around the world have been raising the issue of fair payment for content and proper sharing of advertising revenue with Google.

It should also be noted that Google recently agreed to better compensate and pay publishers in France, the European Union (especially Australia).

In a letter to Sanjay Gupta, the country manager of Google India, the president of INS asked Google to pay for the news of newspapers, which employ thousands of local journalists to collect and verify information at a considerable cost.

INS said: “Because the content produced and published by newspapers is quite expensive and its content is proprietary, the association pointed out that it is this kind of credible content that has made Google authentic in India since its establishment.”

It pointed out that publishers have been providing full access to “quality news with reliable news, current affairs, analysis, information and entertainment”, and that “there is a huge difference between the editorial content of high-quality publications and the constantly spreading fake news. Others. information platform”.

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In addition, it was pointed out that advertising has always been the financial pillar of journalism. However, newspaper publishers found that their share of advertising in the digital space is shrinking, although Google occupies “a huge share of advertising spending”, while publishers have a small share.

INS also raised the issue of increasing attention to the editorial content of registered news publishers in order to deal with fake news, because Google will pick up content from several untrustworthy websites, which “enlarges false information and fake news. Spread”.

The letter pointed out that the Society is discussing these important issues with Google, and reiterated: “The Indian print media is the most reliable source of news and information in the country, and newspapers play a vital role in nation building. However, this epidemic And the current digital business model is unfair to publishers, making it infeasible for the print media industry. We invest a lot of money in journalism (the core of the news business) because newspapers play a vital role in society Role.”

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