Press release. April 15, 2021, Singapore: EQUOS, an institutional cryptocurrency exchange owned by Diginex (Nasdaq: EQOS), will host a webinar between founder Roger Ver and Diginex CEO Richard Byworth. Diginex is the first cryptocurrency listed on Nasdaq Exchange.

They will debate the “future of digital currency” and examine the trigger points that may lead to the widespread use of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, value storage, and settlement.

Follow the latest news from Paypal, Tesla and Square They now accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment, so people from central banks to cryptocurrency investment fanatics are widely discussing the future of digital currencies.

Institutional investors are increasingly adopting cryptocurrencies as cryptocurrencies, and more and more widely accepting cryptocurrencies, which makes the market value of the asset exceed $2 trillion for the first time in history.

At the live event on April 21YingshiVer and Byworth will study the drivers of the growth of the cryptocurrency market value, the potential resistance, and the development of the two most famous cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash).

The webinar follows the decision of the EQUOS Listing Committee, which approved the listing of Bitcoin Cash originally developed by Roger Ver on EQUOS in March.

The listing was carried out after careful consideration by the committee. The committee analyzed the coin and its underlying blockchain to evaluate its utility, degree of decentralization, current usage and transaction flow, ongoing development work, relative to Other blockchain innovations and their long-term prospects.

The core goal of EQUOS is to list quality projects that meet its own core values ​​of transparency, fairness, innovation and compliance.

EQUOS proudly hosted Roger Ver and Richard Byworth in an online webinar entitled “Roger Ver and Richard Byworth Solving the Future of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Digital Currency” on April 21stYingshi 9 AM Eastern Time (US Eastern Time) / 9 PM Eastern Time (Hong Kong Time).Register Here.

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