Indian doctors warned that it is illegal to sell unauthorized Covid-19 vaccines on the black market, where vendors require Bitcoin as payment. According to doctors, unauthorized sales of vaccines to elites are common in Karnataka. Some doctors say that the Indian government must intervene by tracking these suppliers.

VIP vaccine

As confirmed by media reports in the country, doctors “have been receiving calls from VIP patients who want to know whether these Covid-19 vaccines provided by certain distributors are genuine and can be taken.” For example, private hospitals in India and The president of the Association of Nursing Homes (Phana) admitted to knowing the sales of this vaccine.

The president of Phana, who was identified as “Dr. Prasanna (HM Prasanna) said in a report, “He heard that certain vaccines are being given to residents using Bitcoin. When Prasanna condemned unapproved sales, but he did ask potential purchasers of unapproved vaccines “to proceed with caution in this situation and follow the government’s guidelines in this regard.” “

Citizens must wait for the vaccine approved by the government

At the same time, reports of this unverified Covid-19 vaccine being exchanged for Bitcoin are coming, because “distributing (any) such vaccine in the country is still considered illegal.” Indian doctors did not resort to illegal vaccines, Rather, it insists that “citizens must wait for the government to launch the product through the General Administration of Drug Control of India.”

At the same time, another doctor, epidemiologist Giridhara Babu (Giridhara Babu) is a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for Covid-19 Virus Management in Karnataka. He said that he has not personally discovered this on the black market. Kind of vaccine. However, Babu urged the Indian government to crack down on illegal vaccine suppliers. He claimed that the sale and distribution of this Covid-19 vaccine has exacerbated “inequality, because only the rich and capable can get the vaccine.”

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On the other hand, Babu explained: “People who take this type of vaccine may feel that it is an immune booster, but they may end up taking a useless product.” At the same time, India will start Covid- from January 16. 19 Vaccination campaigns, and priority will be given to healthcare and frontline workers.

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