From disappointment to relief, Indian athletes showed a range of emotions after finding out that the 2022 Asian Games have been postponed indefinitely due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in China. Athletes need to plan more carefully in a year for the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games to “reach the top” at the right time. For some, the postponed Asian Games means more time to rest and prepare, while for others, the postponement has “disrupted” their plans.

Veteran archer Tarendip Ray, who plans to retire after the Asian Games, knows nothing about it.

“It’s a big blow for me. I’m 38 years old and I plan to retire after this year’s Asian Games. I don’t know anything right now and it’s a huge setback for my preparations,” The three-time Olympian told PTI.

“After my disappointment at the Olympics last year, I like my career has peaked again. I recently won my first World Cup gold medal in Antalya (with Ridhi Phor). Everything went according to plan, me and now I have to take a new call.” While the delay came as a shock to Tarendip, it also gave hope to star women’s archer Kumari, who failed to make the Asian Games lineup.

“Without a doubt, this is great news for us (husband Atanu Das also failed the trial), this time we have a new lifeline to come back strong. Missing the trial will be bad for both of our careers. A big setback. But now we can start over and look forward to a strong rebound.

“But at the same time, I bad for so many of our athletes who have been training hard to get good results. Unfortunately, they can’t wait for the next announcement,” she said.

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Since squash is not an Olympic sport, players wait every four years for the CWG and the Asian Games to on the big stage.

Deepika Palikar, who recently won the world tag team title with Joshna Chinapa just six months after giving birth to twins, said she started planning for the CWG and the Asian Games four years ago, but now she has to. Revisit your long-term plans.

“It’s sad, to be honest. It takes a lot of to be mentally and physically ready for the Olympics. And when you’ve been planning for the last four years, it becomes even more difficult.

“But it’s what it is. We let the CWG focus on our next goal. We still have a year to play in the Asian Games, which means we’re all going to train harder and be better at what we need to do, ‘ she told PTI.

Top rower G Sathiyan has everything he needs to do for both multisport events, but now needs to sit down with his trainer and rework his plans.

“We had the Commonwealth Games, we had the Asian Games, and then the World Championships were also held in China, which could now be postponed as well. So, the plans have to change completely.

“So you know, we’re going to review the fitness program with my team, the championships, everything we’re planning is pre-Asian Games. The whole structure of our program has to change. Like what happened with the Tokyo Olympics, we’re going to have to do it all over again. Adjust the plan and proceed accordingly.

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“In a sense, yes, we’re seeing a big thing, things are getting back to normal, which is very disappointing. We’d like more and more events to have big events, but at least hopefully it will be in 2023. Happened,” the world said on 34th.

But reaching the top in back-to-back competitions has always been difficult for Indian swimmers and now they have more time to prepare for the Asian Games.

“It was good and bad. We had more time to prepare, but it was bad because we knew we had to re-plan everything. Now we’re done with the whole thing, and then wait a few more months,” Srihari Nataraj said.

“The CWG and the Asian Games are back-to-back, so it’s good. We don’t have a real big conference next year other than the World Championships, so that gives us time to prepare.” National record holder long jumper Sri Shankar also believes the postponement of the Asian Games will ease. his workload.

“It will lighten the workload. It’s hard to get to the top again and again in a period of time. I can now focus on CWG and the World Championship,” he said.

India’s weightlifting head coach Vijay Sharma is disappointed by the extension. India’s last heavy medal count in an intercontinental event was in 1998 when Karnam Malleswaric took silver.

The Asian Games medal is the only major piece of silverware missing from the cabinet of Tokyo Olympic medalist and former world champion Mirabai Chanu.

“It’s disappointing. We have to change all our plans now, we plan with the Asian Games in mind. We want to do well in the Asian Games. India hasn’t won a medal for over 20 years.

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“We are only preparing for the Asian Games. The weightlifters are doing well and their preparations are going well. This year, our main focus is the Asian Games and we want a medal,” Sharma said.


“We’ll plan after the CWG changes it now, starting with the World Championships.” Esports is also part of the Asian Games roster, and gamer Tanya Palta can’t hide her disappointment, but she understands it’s the best solution in a given situation Program.

“It felt bad that the game was postponed because of Covid-19. But there was nothing we could do because the situation was terrible. Human life is the most important thing and I have to be patient and practice every day until the game starts,” she said.

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