Shreyas Iyer, who made his debut in 75 undefeated matches, courage, aggressiveness and talent. This was a baptism of fire, as India ended ’s first game against New Zealand with a score of 258. In four games. On a court that bounced and did not provide enough speed, Iyer went all out in the face of 136 balls, hitting 7 in the longest format on his first day in office. Border and two 6. In the fall of Cheteshwar Pujara (26 of 88 goals) wickets entered 106-3, the rookie found his captain Ajinkya Rahane (33 of 65 goals) promised to knock within another hour and a half The sound stopped because Kyle Jamison (15.2-6-47-3) and Tim Southee (16.4-3-43-1) shook the midfield in an inspiring post-lunch spell.

But with 144 points from 4 shots, Iyer was responsible for resuming the game with the veteran all-around player Ravindra Jadeja (50 shots, 100 balls), and the purpose of the shots was to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Jadeja scored 50 points in his 17th test and performed his iconic sword celebration, which made the audience very happy. I don’t know if Sunil Gavaskar mentioned a player who was very special to him when he showed the Indian cap to Iyer.

Fifty-two years ago, someone announced that he had come to this land against Bill Lawry’s Australian team in 1969. In the Indian cricket world, few receive pure love like Gavaskar’s outstanding brother-in-law Gundappa Viswanath.

His debut on this field is part of the hottest folklore of Indian cricket. They said that every blade of grass in the green park felt the impact in Viswanath’s lens and remembered him forever.

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He may not be Viswanat’s class, but from Thursday, Green Park will also remember Al. He once again proved the ancient concrete jungle: “A good player is a good player, a good player.”

Regardless of whether a person is from the T20 generation or not, what ultimately matters is the good temperament to succeed at the highest level. Iyer proved that all the hard work put in during the Ranji Trophy and over 1,000 games he once owned was not in vain.

It does help him not only to survive but to score, because there are pulls, single lap tackles, batting and some arbitrary cuts.

The way he plays Jamison and Sossi carefully is the “khadoos” education in Mumbai. The six long hitters of the left arm spinner Ajaz Patel (Ajaz Patel) are an old-fashioned 50+ hitter while charging him, and pull from the left arm spinner. Rachin Ravindra IPL script. Al has everything and is on display.

Patel (21-6-78-0) and rest pitcher William Somerville (24-2-60-0) did not any way to help these two Pacers create pressure again and again, which does have Helped.

Patel is actually bowling in the half-step full jump approach. He either shoots too short or provides enough air for the ball so that the batter can choose to cut him off or push him off the track. open.

Shubman Gill (52 of the 93 balls) did the job with elan and then died on the day when 100 participated in the game. Before Jamieson exposed the gap between his bat and the mat, he watched Get up and reach the landmark well.

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But without stopping Iyer, he saved a strong leg before Sommerville’s appeal, which turned out to be a call from the referee, ready to wait for a loose delivery.

The 113 uninterrupted partnership between Jadeja and Iyer may eventually prove to be a winner. That’s because if it’s difficult for an Indian batsman to score freely on a two-step circuit, then in this case the Black Caps willow players who have little experience in dealing with Ravichandran Ashwin, Axar Patel and Jadeja will it. Doubly difficult.

If Iyer’s first game is the brightest place, then Jill, who came back, brought the offense back to the opposition camp in the first quarter. It cannot be seen in isolation.

This is a stage set by Jill. If Jamison hadn’t knocked down the beauty with an old ball, he should have completed his virgin test hundred.

But more importantly, what Jill and Ayer did that day was to send another warning signal to Pira and Rahane, who are now borrowing time.


When Rahane expected the ball to stand up from Jamieson, which was nearly 7 feet tall, he was bounced low. Without a big score in the 12 tests (India may not hit the ball twice), Rahane’s record is not very good for the substitute captain.

Similarly, the free-play spinners of young players like Gil and Ayer prevented Pukhara from scoring, indicating that he must either reinvent himself or have trouble waiting.

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