Hugo Barra, vice president of Facebook VR, announced on Tuesday that he will leave the company in four years. Barra, 44, joined Facebook in 2017 to lead its Oculus VR team. Prior to Facebook, the Brazilian technical director served as the vice president of Xiaomi. Barra announced his departure from Facebook through a post on social networks. He said that he is planning to get involved in medical technology to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Today is my last day at Facebook Reality Labs. After 4 years of work, these projects are more exciting and challenging than anything I have encountered in my career. I have had some of the most The bright mind and the kindest person. Nice to meet each other.” Bara wrote in his Facebook post.

In 2017, Bara left Xiaomi to join Facebook. Initially, he was hired to lead the Oculus VR team.However, in May 2019, the executive Establish a global AR/VR partner ecosystem Headquartered in New York City.

Barra provided some details about his next joint venture and stated that he is trying to enter the medical technology field.

He said: “I believe that society still lacks the tools people need to truly understand our health and control our health outcomes.” Inspired by this thinking, after working in technology for more than 20 years, I decided to try something completely different – For me, this is an uncharted territory and explore the realm of medical technology. I hope to use the knowledge I have learned from working in the consumer technology industry to help solve meaningful problems in the healthcare sector. “

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Interestingly, in the process of cooperating with Ray-Ban to develop smart glasses, Barra announced its withdrawal from Facebook.

He said: “Looking back at the work we have done with Oculus Go, Quest and Quest 2, I am really proud of it.” “Moreover, I am equally excited about what is to come. Starting this year, I will work with Ray-Ban. With the launch of Facebook’s smart glasses, it will begin to connect today’s VR headsets with tomorrow’s AR glasses.”

Before joining Xiaomi in August 2013, Barra led Google’s Android department in the emerging stage and was popular. He worked with the search giant for 6 years from 2008 to 2013, and served as the vice president of Android and product spokesperson.