Press release. IMCoin’s goal is to become the first Hybridcoin on the market, providing its holders with the possibility of having assets backed by audited and publicly supported assets. In this case, token sales revenue can enter, but in turn Trying to increase the value again. Have a positive impact on coin prices. In this way, we believe that both the Stablecoin and Performance Coins public can be interested in and benefit from IMCoin. People who invest in stablecoins will no longer sacrifice profits for stability, and those who invest in cryptocurrencies will no longer sacrifice stability for returns.

IMCoin also has a project that can use cryptocurrency as margin and investment assets to create a stable and profitable business model. Our model aims to promote credit access to IMC users based on the security and transparency of blockchain technology and its platform. Here, you can become a lender or borrower.

In addition, in our platform, “Lucybook” business account auditors can be used to handle all markets, such as foreign exchange, futures, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc. This will become a basic tool for traders who want to display the results of their transactions and verify transactions through tools based on blockchain technology. It will also become the basic tool for other hybrid currencies to be reviewed in the future.

Token sale:

Start: May 15, 2019 (9:00 GMT)

End time: April 15, 2021 (11:00 am GMT)

Number of tokens for sale: 100,000,000

Initial token price: $1.00

Current token price: $1.74 (updated based on the underlying securities)

Estimated price in January 2021: US$2.00

Currently sold tokens: 18,966,431

Minimum purchase amount: 100 IMC

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