On April 20th, a video named “1stmil.com” from the YouTube channel was talked about in the Bitcoin Cash community. The host of the channel is sitting in the parking lot of a Tesla dealership and explained in his recent video that if Elon Musk allows Tesla to directly accept bitcoin cash for cars, he plans to promise to buy 111 special vehicles. Sla Model 3s.

If Elon Musk lets Tesla accept Bitcoin Cash, 111 Tesla Model 3s will be purchased

Not long ago, electric car manufacturer Tesla announced that it would accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payment and mentioned that it would not sell these coins as legal tender. Just recently, the host of the Youtube channel 1stmil.com claimed that he would buy 111 Tesla Model 3 cars.

However, the host of the educational YouTube channel teaches “people learn how to earn their millionth dollar”, and he wants Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in exchange for offers. The host of 1stmil.com is a Tesla fan, and the model can be seen in his previous videos.

If Elon Musk’s company accepts Bitcoin Cash as payment, the man is willing to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s
The host of the Youtube education channel 1stmil.com said that if Elon Musk allows Tesla to accept bitcoin cash as payment, he will promise to buy 111 Tesla cars. The host has been posting videos on YouTube for three years, and his “hobby is to educate others about financial freedom.” The cost of buying 111-2021 Tesla Model 3s at a basic suggested retail price of approximately US$38,500 per car will exceed US$4.2 million.

He is also in the parking lot of a Tesla dealership, displaying a wallet on a smartphone equipped with BCH, and can buy up to three Tesla Model 3 cars.

“As you can see, I’m back to Tesla again,” the host of 1stmil.com said. “They didn’t know that I was here, and I also want to surprise all Tesla people, especially to Elon Musk. As a 10-fold celebration [bitcoin cash]A friend of mine and I, an important promoter of Bitcoin Cash, came up with a great idea on how to get Elon Musk to accept Bitcoin Cash payments.

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“Many Bitcoin Cash holders have a lot of money and want to spend money”

The 1stmil.com host also explained how Tesla accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments, and the company did not transfer funds to fiat currency.

“This is my suggestion,” Youtuber pointed out. “Not only me, there are many other Bitcoin Cash holders who have a lot of money… We want to spend money. Elon, let me just make one promise… If you want to accept Bitcoin Cash payment, please send mine Send the phone to your phone, or to Tesla’s phone… Then, I hereby formally commit to buying 111 Tesla Model 3s. Yes, you heard that right, 111 Tesla Model 3s.

The video host further stated that he hopes Elon Musk can tweet his Twitter followers that Tesla will accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for payment. The Youtube video is very popular on the Reddit forum r/btc, with more than 500 votes and many BCH supporters discussing the video.

“I live in the same city as this person,” a Redditor wrote. “If he wants to cooperate on the adoption of the local biosafety clearing house, he has already left a comment on the video. It is nice to know that there are other biosafety clearing houses nearby peeping,” he added. After the video, the host of 1stmil.com posted two more Youtube videos on the same topic.

If Elon Musk lets Tesla accept Bitcoin Cash as payment, what are your thoughts on the proposal to buy 111 Tesla Model 3s? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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