Press release. January 26, exchangeOne of the leading authorities in the cryptocurrency exchange market, announced the launch Idea Token (IDEA) Public sale today UTC 10:00.

The thought system consists of a freelancer platform that will accommodate most of the people needed to develop the project. The mission of the platform is to provide work options for many freelancers and entrepreneurs, a digital marketplace that allows platform users to sell or buy digital assets and services, and:

  • Share information and experience.
  • Idea launch pad.
  • A group of creative and creative individuals to build an innovative colony for introducing and launching revolutionary ideas.
  • The funding base of individuals and businesses interested in supporting new projects through direct partnerships or through crowdfunding options available on the platform.

Ideaology is creating a unique collaborative digital community and fertile environment for future business development. You can find Ideaology’s Active Idea Beta platform Here.

Buyers who have registered through the platform and passed the KYC/AML program can purchase IDEA tokens in the following ways: IEO platform.

Details of the upcoming public sale

  • Token name: Idealogy Token (IDEA)
  • Token type: ERC-20
  • Public sale date and time: January 26, 2021, Universal Time (UTC)
  • Offer price of 1 IDEA: $0.09
  • Hard cap: $ 1,000,000 (1M)
  • Circulation before public sale: 15,388,888
  • Based on the offer price of 1 IDEA, the circulating supply before the public sale is evaluated: $ 1,384,999

For more information and to purchase IDEA tokens, please visit IEO platform.

*Please note: The Concept Token (IDEA) will be offered at a specific price before the hard cap is reached.

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In the past month, before the issuance of Ideaology tokens (IDEA), exchange and Ideaology conducted many social competitions, podcasts, video broadcasts, AMAs, interviews, guides and marketing activities; in the entire crypto field and others The realm effectively improves the name of the Ideaology token. The goal of both crypto entities is to promote mass adoption and subsequently enter a new era in both finance and entertainment.

“The ideology is eager to reach out to more cryptocurrency traders who believe in the next large blockchain project through Exchange. This is our first step towards realizing the potential of the IDEA token, which can be the founder of a startup Provide an ecosystem and Active IDEA platform with online freelancers. Indeed, for Ideaology followers and Exchange users, this is an exciting time.” said Amar Kovacevic, CTO and co-founder of Ideaology.

Danish Chaudhry, CEO of Exchange said: “The thinking team is really fascinated by the future.” “From the announcement of this IEO a month ago to today, the collected interest is incredible, paving the way for the future of the collaborative ecosystem. That leveled the way. Now, Ideaology will be sold through IDEA tokens until it reaches a value of $1,000,000, and then the token will be listed on the Exchange for users to store, access and trade.”

Participate in the public sale Exchange has initiated the public sale of Idea Token (IDEA) through its platform.Via access link Here, You will have the opportunity to be one of the first people to join Ideaology’s journey through online freelancers and startup founders Positive thoughts platform.

What is a public sale/IEO?

In short, the first exchange sale (often called an IEO) is a fundraising activity managed by the exchange. Compared with the initial coin offering (ICO) where the project team raises funds by themselves, the initial exchange offering means that the fundraising will be carried out on the fundraising platform of a well-known exchange.

About exchange

From first-time traders to advanced trading experts, the mission of Exchange is to enable people all over the world to trade cryptocurrencies easily and confidently. With high liquidity, 24/7 multi-language support and dozens of trading pairs, coupled with high security, it provides an attractive platform for trading any cryptocurrency. In the year since its launch, an average of over 500,000 active traders have visited the exchange every month, and this number continues to grow as you read this sentence.

About ideology

Ideaology is a blockchain-oriented company headquartered in Dubai. It has established a digital ecosystem-Active IDEA, which will include a community where professionals and companies work together, invest and grow together. The Active IDEA platform connects all possible participants of a successful business attempt, including innovators, freelancers, consultants and investors. The ecosystem is built on blockchain technology, which enables efficient and decentralized economic development based on Ideaology (IDEA) tokens.

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