These are difficult times, and we don’t need to tell you. But this is not why you are here. You want to know how to reduce the loneliness of self-isolation and social isolation that the coronavirus pandemic brings to us. And, if you are watching movies and TV shows with other people, and you might miss it deeply, we will help you. Each item below needs to be played synchronously across multiple platforms (whether it’s Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, or local video) so you can concentrate on washing your hands regularly. Most of them also allow you to chat, even with some people. That’s it. All that remains to do now is to adjust the schedule and make some popcorn as needed.

Netflix party

Its purpose is: Netflix, Du

If you search Google in the same way as “Watch Netflix together”, then this is it. It has been around for a while-we wrote about it three years ago.

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension, no matter where you are, you can do this. It appears as a sidebar on the right, allowing you to chat with the room. The person who initiates the “Netflix Party” can choose to grant playback control to everyone.

All you need is a Netflix account for everyone-and of course Chrome. Most importantly, you do not need to create a Netflix Party account.

Setting method: Open Chrome, install Netflix Party, visit, play any content, click the “NP” icon in the upper right corner, and share the link with your friends.


Its purpose is: YouTube and a dozen others

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If you are more interested in watching cat videos than watching a long series, please consider it. Not only do you need to register, you can also use it in any browser. (You can create an account to provide permanent space for your group.)

With Watch2Gether, you can play any video or song available on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram and SoundCloud, etc. Everyone has playback control, but you can set your own video quality control.

Setting method: Open, click “Create Your Room”, select a video, and share the URL with your friends.

Facebook watch party

Its purpose is: Facebook, nature

When you need other hacking features, Facebook – Social It is a network-with built-in functions, you can watch videos together.

With Watch Party, you can invite any Facebook friends and even create one in a Facebook group or page. Please note that you need to be an administrator or editor to perform this action on the page. Naturally, everyone can talk to each other, and people you invite as a co-host can add videos to the queue.

Setting method: There are multiple ways to do this. This is one: Open, find your video, and click “Share”> “Start Watching Party”. If you like, add more videos and click “Start”. After entering, please use the “Invite others” section on the right to invite your friends to join.


Its purpose is: Anything on the screen, really

Did the previous choices not cover your chosen platform-Amazon, Hotstar, Zee5, etc.? In this case, this might work for you. Please note that Kast has ads and quality restrictions on the free version. Kast Premium costs USD 5 (INR 375) per month.

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Kast is essentially an entertainment community version of screen-sharing applications like TeamViewer. You may find participating in a Marvel movie marathon or a public gathering of your favorite anime. Or, you can start your own private party, allowing you to share any part of your desktop. Due to the shared screen, the picture quality will not be as good as before.

Everyone must use Windows or Mac because the mobile version of Kast does not currently support video sharing. You also need to create a Kast account.

Setting method: Go to the Kast website, download and install it, create and log in to your Kast account, and click “Create Party” in the sidebar. After entering the website, click the “Open Video” icon, select the content you want to share, and everything goes well.

Plex VR

Its purpose is: Local movie

Although everything in this list allows you to watch things together, it does not fully reproduce the experience of unity. You know, someone is sitting next to you and chatting. This is the purpose of virtual reality.

With Plex VR, you can immerse you and your three friends in a virtual environment (apartment, outdoor theater), create and customize avatars, and play regular 360-degree and 3D videos. When talking to each other, you can play any content on the local hard drive. Likewise, since the video will be streamed between people, the quality depends on their Internet connection.

However, it did pay a heavy price. First of all, you need to use either Daydream View/Gear VR-although it is officially launched in India, it is difficult to use. Most importantly, you will need an Android phone that supports Daydream. Then, one of you will need a Plex Pass, which costs $5 (Rs 375) per month. It is worth seeing that the first week of Watch Together is free.

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Setting method: Download and set up Plex Media Server, install Plex VR on your phone, put on a VR headset, turn on Plex VR, add and invite friends to join the “Friends” panel, and play any video.