Want to know how to use Signal on a laptop or PC? If you have a Signal account, then a popular messaging app will allow you to sync your account between your phone and laptop or PC in a few simple steps. As an alternative to WhatsApp instant messaging, Signal is becoming more and more popular. It allows you to send and receive text messages and make voice and video calls. It also attracted attention due to the enhanced security from the open source signaling protocol. Signal also provides privacy features such as disappearing messages, screen security and registration lock.

All these features make Signal completely resistant to things like WhatsApp and Telegram. In fact, Signal claims that all the messages you access on your laptop or PC are private.

Like WhatsApp, the Signal application must be installed on your phone (Android or iPhone). But using Signal on a laptop or PC is slightly different from using WhatsApp Web. Signal does not have a web client and is limited to desktop applications. This means that you cannot use a web browser to access messages on Signal. You will need to download and install its native application on your laptop or PC. Signal’s desktop application is available for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. It requires at least 64-bit Windows 7, macOS 10.10, or a 64-bit Linux distribution that supports APT, such as Ubuntu or Debian. You need to follow the steps below to start using Signal on your laptop or PC.

How to use Signal on a laptop or PC

You can follow the steps below to start using Signal on your laptop or PC. As mentioned earlier, it may be a Windows machine or a MacBook or Linux computer.

  1. Install the downloaded Signal Desktop on your computer. You can download the application to your Windows laptop or PC by following the instructions in the installation file. If it runs on macOS, you need to move Signal to the Applications folder. Linux users need to follow the instructions on the screen to configure the Signal repository and install its packages.

  2. After installation, link Signal Desktop with your mobile phone by scanning the QR code available on the laptop or PC screen.To scan the QR code, you need to go to signal settings> click Link device Then click the plus sign (+) Log in on your Android phone, or Link new device On the iPhone.

  3. You can now choose a name for the linked device on your phone.

After completing the above steps, your Signal account will be synchronized between your phone and laptop or PC. You will start to get messages on the Signal desktop application. You can also send messages through Signal without having to take out the phone.

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