The measurement app allows you to measure the distance between two points and the dimensions of certain objects. We’ve seen similar apps on the App Store for a while, but the iOS 12 Measure app was designed by Apple and ships with the latest version of iOS. This makes it more likely to be used by people for measurement. We’ve used the Measure app with a bunch of objects in our house, and the results have been generally positive. Before you use the Measure app, keep in mind that it’s probably more applicable to the iPhone 8 and newer, where the camera is better optimized for AR. We tested the app with an iPhone 7 and the results were very good, but not 100% accurate. We’re not quite ready to throw away our tape measure, but iOS 12’s Measure app is a solid backup for measurements in case the tape measure isn’t around.

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How to measure things with the iOS 12 Measure app

Follow the steps below to take measurements using the iOS 12 Measure app:

  1. Open the Measurement app on iOS 12.
  2. Point the camera at the object you want to measure. Whether it’s a small box or an entire room, the Measure app’s performance is just as reliable.
  3. Now a big plus will appear on the screen circle with a dot in the middle. Point the point to the starting point you want to measure, then tap plus .
  4. Now point the point to the end point and click plus . This will show the distance between these two points on the screen.
  5. Sometimes when you point the camera at a rectangular object, you will see a add object button. Click on it to see the length and width of the object.
  6. There are four buttons on the screen of the Measure application.The in the upper allows you to undo the measurement, the button in the upper right clear allows you to reset all measurements, bottom right allows you to take a picture of the measurement, large plus Add measurement points.
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We noticed that the distances measured by the Measure app differed by at most a few centimeters. We measured a mattress with a length of 1.7m (the app said 1.72m), a box with a diameter of 14cm (the app said 14cm), a book with a length of 14cm and a width of 25cm (the app said it right), and then a 60cm wide Table (app says 61 cm). On our iPhone 7, the results were generally pretty solid compared to a physical tape measure.

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How to Check Levels with the iOS 12 Measure App

The measurement app also allows you to check whether an object is vertical or horizontal. This was in the Compass app before, but now it’s part of the Measure app.

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The Level feature was part of the Compass app in iOS 11, but in iOS 12 it was moved to the Measure app

  1. Open the measurement application.tap grade Point the camera at the lower right corner behind the desired object.
  2. Aim the camera until the angle is 0 degrees for proper leveling.

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That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Measure app on iOS 12. How are you using the Measure app? Let us know via comments.

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