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How to keep your EV battery healthy

We’ve reached a stage where each of us is surrounded by battery-powered devices, including our personal vehicles. Well, just like we try to maintain cell phone batteries, we need to maintain electric car batteries too!

Aging is one of the main, but not the only, factors that cause battery life to decline. There are several other factors that can affect the battery health of an electric vehicle. So, without further ado, let’s talk about all of that.

When parking, reduce exposure to heat:

When exposed to extreme heat while parked and unplugged, the automatic temperature control system installed in the EV will kick in to maintain optimal temperatures. Electric vehicles should be plugged in when parked or parked in the shade so that the electric vehicle’s thermal management system can operate without draining the electric vehicle’s battery.

Minimize time spent at 0 % and 100 %

Often, electric vehicles already have a battery management system that keeps them from charging and discharging at extreme states of charge. Still try not to leave your EV plugged in all night every night, as that’s not a healthy for your battery life. The same goes for staying at 0% for a long time. If you’re not traveling long distances, try to keep your EV’s battery status between 20-80%.

Avoid fast charging:

The occasional quick charge can be handy, but don’t make it the norm. Because HVDC charging will strain your EV battery and shorten its life faster.

When parking, reduce exposure to low temperatures:

It’s another case of keeping an electric car warm without letting it use the battery. Electric vehicles often have a thermal management system that activates to maintain the temperature of the battery. The system can also run automatically on the EV battery until the battery level drops to 15%. So try plugging it in when it’s parked in low temperatures.

Avoid rapid discharge:

Try to resist the urge to fully press the accelerator pedal when you don’t need it. As much as you love it, pushing your EV to high speeds with a quick start will only cause battery life to degrade faster than ideal driving.


Due to an aging calendar, shortened battery life in your EV is inevitable. But now you know how not to reduce it faster and manage its health to prolong its life.

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