After receiving two doses of COVID-19 vaccine in India, the government will issue a vaccination certificate as an official document that you have been vaccinated. When you receive the first dose of vaccine, you will receive a temporary vaccine certificate, and once you receive the second dose of vaccine, you will receive a final vaccine certificate. These certificates have a unique 13 beneficiary reference ID, through which you can access all vaccine details such as the date of dose, the name of the vaccine, the name of the health officer who vaccinated you, and the location of the vaccine. However, if your vaccine certificate shows that your name, year of birth, gender, or photo ID number is incorrect, you can now edit the certificate and download a new certificate.

There was no way to correct the errors in the certificate, but now the center has released a much-needed function on the COWIN website that allows you to edit your vaccine certificate. However, you can only edit it once. When you make changes, your old certificate will be deleted and you will get the revised final vaccine certificate. Therefore, please make sure to enter the correct details this time, as you will not be able to correct these errors again.

Now let us see how to edit your vaccine certificate on the COWIN website.

How to change the vaccine certificate

1. Open and click Register/Log in by yourself At the top.

2. Now, enter the mobile phone number you used to register for vaccinations, and then click Get a one-time password.

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3. Enter the one-time password you received and click Verify and continue. Then, tap Ask a question Options at the top> select members> select Certificate correction.

4. Under Self-correction, select the details you want to edit on the vaccine certificate. However, it should be noted that you can only edit two things in name, date of birth, gender and Aadhaar card number/PAN card/passport number.

5. Enter the correct information> click carry on > Click submit.