Applying for a PAN card online is a simple process, and there is no need to submit documents by mail or courier. If you lose your PAN card, or want to change the name on the PAN card or update other details, you can perform another simple process that is completely online. This process will allow you to apply for reprinting of the PAN card or get any errors, such as incorrect name, photo, date of birth, etc.

The following steps are only applicable to personal PAN card revision or reprinting. If you want to apply for other types of PAN cards, such as trusts, companies or limited liability partnerships, they may be different.

How to change the PAN card name online

This guide covers all corrections on the PAN card, including name changes. There are several reasons why you need to change the name on the PAN card, such as incorrect spelling, or you have actually changed the name (maybe due to marriage or any other reason). The following method involves Aadhaar eKYC, so if your name on the Aadhaar card is correct, you can follow the steps below and change it on the PAN card.

If not, you will need to submit documents proving that your name has been changed or printed incorrectly. These documents include the publication of name changes in the official gazette, marriage certificates and wedding invitations (and documents showing your spouse’s name), or other valid documents with the correct name, such as a passport. This document depends on the reason you changed the name, and you will find the name you need when you perform the following procedure.

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Documents required to modify the details on the PAN card

The list of documents required to amend the PAN card is the same as that for applying for a new PAN card. You need documents to prove your identity, address proof and date of birth.

See the complete list of acceptable documents required to update PAN card details online.

How to apply for reprint or modify PAN card online

These steps will help you send an application to modify or reprint the PAN card.

  1. You can reprint or modify the PAN card through the NSDL or UTITSL website. We did this through the NSDL website, and the steps below will reflect this.

  2. First visit the NDSL website.Click the drop-down menu below application type Then choose Modification or correction of existing PAN data / reprinting of PAN card (the existing PAN data is unchanged).Now fill in all the details, enter the verification code, and click submit.

  3. In the next step, you can choose how you want to submit the PAN document. This can be done through e-KYC that requires an Aadhaar card, submitting scanned images through e-Sign, or physically sending documents. We chose e-KYC through Aadhaar, so if you choose one of the other methods, the steps will be different.Fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk (asterisk) and click next.

    Ekyc PAN Card

  4. Enter your personal details in the fields marked with a red asterisk and click next.

  5. Make sure all these details are exactly the same as stated on your Aadhaar card. If there is a mismatch, you will not be able to authenticate with Aadhaar unless you fix it, and only after payment will you discover whether there is a mismatch. If there is a mismatch, you can get a refund, but to avoid this, please double-check all details immediately.

  6. Now, select the documents to be submitted with the application.We clicked E-commerce, Fill in all the details, and click carry on.

  7. Now you will see the fees (not including online payment fees). The fee for modifying or reprinting the PAN card is approximately Rs. Indians and rupee are around 120 (all inclusive). It is 1,040 outside of India.Please click Payment confirmation.

  8. Enter your payment details and complete the payment process. Then, you will see a page telling you whether the transaction was successful. If so, you will get a bank reference number and a transaction reference number.Save these two and click carry on.

  9. Now you will have to authenticate through Aadhaar. Under your Aadhaar number, tick Box and click Certification.

  10. If your personal details match those mentioned on your Aadhaar card, please click Continue to use electronic signature/electronic KYC.

  11. tick Checkbox and click Generate OTP.

  12. Enter OTP and click submit.

  13. Now you will arrive at a page where you can see the submitted application form. download Save this file somewhere in PDF format. You will also receive a confirmation via email.

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This is the complete process of updating or reprinting the PAN card online. After processing your application, your PAN card will be printed and sent to your address.

For more tutorials, please visit the “Methods” section.