If you drive or ride a bicycle, you have probably seriously considered installing a smartphone at some point. The smartphone mount can help you fix your smartphone in a fixed position with the screen facing you so that you can use it to control music playback or navigate through apps such as Google Maps.

Navigation is probably the most useful function related to driving in a smartphone, so we strongly recommend installing a navigator for this. No one wants to risk an accident, simply because the smartphone is placed in a position that prevents you from looking directly at the road ahead. This is why you need to install a stand for your phone. Before purchasing a smartphone dock, please keep the following points in mind.

Buy a smartphone holder for your car

When buying a smartphone holder for a car, the first thing you need to know is where you want to place the holder.

Different types of car smartphone holders
There are four types of smartphone mounts for the most commonly used cars on the market:

  1. Dashboard bracket: These have been attached to the dashboard.
  2. Windshield bracket: Attached to the windshield.
  3. Ventilation hole installation: Fix the clip on the AC vent.
  4. CD stand: If there is an unused CD player in your car, the mount will go there.

Magnet AC mount
Image Credit: Mpow/Amazon

The dashboard and windshield mounts often leave marks that are difficult to clean, so please keep this in mind before buying. We also believe that both of these conditions will block a small part of the windshield, making your vision of the road a bit blurred, which are two things to keep in mind before buying one of them.

Mysterious master dashboard windshield installs Amazon smartphone holder

Windshield and dashboard bracket
Image source: Master of Mystery/Amazon

The CD and vent bracket will not block your view at all, so we prefer them. As long as your car’s CD player is flush with the dashboard, there is no problem with using the CD holder. Some cars have different designs of CD players, which may make it difficult to use the mount. Of course, if you are still using a CD player in your car, you cannot choose a CD dock at all. The vent mounts tend to block part of the AC, but there are no other obvious disadvantages.

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koomus cd stand iPhone stand car Amazon CD stand

CD holder with claw clamp
Image Credit: Koomus/Amazon

We prefer the CD holder because we no longer use the CD player in the car and its location ensures that our road vision will not be obstructed. However, your needs may be different, so please choose the mount accordingly.

How the stand fixes the smartphone
After determining the type of stand to use, the next step is to see how the stand holds the smartphone. Some mounts use magnets, while others use claw-like handles to physically secure the smartphone. Smartphone holders with magnets sometimes require you to paste the magnets on the back or the case of the smartphone, and there is another type that requires the magnet to be placed between the phone and the case. If you don’t mind fixing this magnet to your phone, the advantage is that in most cases, you don’t need to change the smartphone base when changing your phone.

Loose gadget, magnet-based Amazon phone holder

Magnet smartphone holder
Image source: LAX Gadgets/Amazon

Magnets are very suitable for most mobile phones unless it is very large and housed in a particularly heavy case. The claw-shaped grip can actually support your smartphone, there is no “one-size-fits-all” model here. If your phone is large or small, you may have to buy a new stand. If you are buying this type of mount, make sure to check whether the paw has a cushion in the form of a soft filling material. If not, then the hard plastic may scratch your phone.

Another thing to note is whether the paw will trigger the touch screen on the smartphone, owners of phones with edge displays (such as Samsung Galaxy S8+) should be worried. However, if you are particularly worried about the falling off of your smartphone, this type of mount will give you peace of mind. In other words, according to our experience, magnet-based holders are often very safe even if there are no claws to clamp your phone from all sides.

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Car phone holder claw handle Amazon smartphone holder

Smartphone holder with claw grip

After solving this problem and narrowing the options, please check whether the smartphone mount has a plastic rod to connect the mount to the part that holds the car. If it is, then the root will not be too long. The longer the lever, the more times the smartphone will shake while driving, which means that it becomes more difficult to obtain all the information you need at a glance.

Buy smartphone holders for motorcycles

A smartphone holder for a motorcycle is not an easy task. You have to put your phone on the handlebar or handle of your bicycle, which means always worrying that opportunistic thieves will grab your phone and run. Note that if you can’t install it on the handlebar, you can install many bicycle smartphone holders on the pole as shown here. However, if you need a smartphone for navigation, you absolutely need to purchase a mount.

Different types of motorcycle smartphone holders
There are many different types of motorcycle stands for smartphones, but the four main types we found are as follows.

  1. Ram mount: These can hold your phone in the X-shaped handle.
  2. Boxing: As the name suggests, these mounts come with a smartphone protective cover.
  3. Frame with waterproof bag: This mount has a waterproof cover.
  4. Universal bracket: There are two handles on the side of this smartphone holder, which can easily accommodate larger or smaller phones.

If you don’t have a waterproof smartphone, you should prepare a transparent waterproof cover for the phone, even if the phone is inside the cover, you can use it to touch the screen. A frame bag with a waterproof case can solve this problem, so it may be most useful during the monsoon. In addition, you can purchase a waterproof phone case and use it with any other type of smartphone holder.

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vheelocytin frame stand waterproof bag Amazon smartphone stand

Bike stand with waterproof bag
Image Credit: Vheelocytin/Amazon

The universal stand can be used for most smartphones, but it is not the safest stand. If you are not using your phone with a smartphone, you can use a holder with a phone case, but the downside is that if you change your phone, it may become useless.

Bicycle holder universal holder gioiabazar smartphone holder

Bicycle universal bracket
Image Credit: Gioiabazar/Amazon

The ram holder is the safest smartphone holder on motorcycles because its X-shaped handle locks the phone in one position. If you want to buy, be sure to check whether the handle touches any part of the screen. Especially in a borderless phone, it may activate the touch screen by itself. Of course, you need to buy a waterproof case to ensure the safety of your phone.

ram rail u bolt bicycle mount amazon smartphone bracket

Bicycle ram stand
Image Credit: Ram Rail/Amazon

We hope this guide will help you purchase a smartphone holder for a car or motorcycle. If you have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments. For more tutorials, please visit our methods section.

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