Essentially His dark material -A trilogy of young adult fantasy novels written by Sir Philip Pullman-and a series co-produced by BBC-HBO and named after it and written by Jack Thorne (Enola Holmes), it’s all about control. In a sense, it is the control of knowledge. The shaman-like John “Chopari” Parry (Andrew Scott) made it clear when he first appeared in the middle of the second season of his “Dark Matter”. One of them, in this case, is the “magic world”, which determines what the truth is, what people should know, and what they can say. This is Pullman’s direct reference to Catholic history. The other is Lord Asriel (James McAvoy) and his loose associates, I hope you explore and think for yourself.

In other words, it is the adult who tries to control the child. From the beginning, the protagonist of the series, Lyra Silvertongue (Dafne Keen), has been trying to escape from the clutches of the Magic Room and also trying to escape from the clutches of Marissa Kurt (Ruth Wilson), who was in the 1st of Dark Matter Ji Zhong was found to be her mother. The show is speaking to young people on the other side of the TV, and they say that sometimes they have to take matters into their own hands. In another sense, it controls certain parts of the population. Entering the depths of the second season of “Dark Matter”, Marisa wants to know how much her life will change in our world. In her world, she was denied a doctorate degree, and she could only publish a thesis if she agreed to let a man bear the honor.

Speaking of Wilson, the 38-year-old Golden Globe Award-winning British actress can easily become the highlight of his second season of “Dark Matter.” The two scenes stand out, especially because they show the fragile side of her character, which is rarely seen in the series, and because they are not going to move the plot, unfortunately, his “Dark Material” is too much. The first to discover her opponent Lin-Manuel Miranda (Lin-Manuel Miranda), the latter played astronaut Lee Scoresby (Lee Scoresby), because the latter studied their similar growth experience. The moment between Wilson and Miranda is one minute deeper than the 200-minute performance elsewhere.

The second silent scene is her daughter Keen on the screen. Contrary to the torture scene in the first season of “Dark Matter”, Marissa puts her golden monkey daemon in Lyra’s changing daemon “Pan” Enter Pantale. Even in the chaos, the quiet moments they shared were powerful and intoxicating, and Lyra learned in real time how she became a mother in front of her. But these moments are too few. The second season of his “Dark Matter” is not so effective, and it also reveals when to let young people perform.

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But the biggest problem with his second season of “Dark Matter” is that it never really worked. The beginning of the new season comes with a foreboding message-Asriel’s open door operation has thrown the world into chaos, and the witches believe this is the beginning of a powerful prophecy that can destroy all existence or make it exist again. . Always place chess pieces on the chessboard. A beer war should add some power to the TV show, but in the second season of his “Dark Matter” there is no momentum, no conspiracy, and no sense of ominousness. When you hold the season of seven episodes, the steps of the glacier are meaningless. First of all. The critic won five episodes. It looks great-the season 2 part was shot on Kauai, Hawaii-but it is inert.

The second season of his “Dark Matter” begins with the distraught Lyra, she blames the truth-telling magic instrument alethiometer for killing her friend Roger Paslow (Lewin Lloyd), the latter by his father Ass Lord Asriel (Lord Asriel) sacrificed in order to open the door to another world at the end of the first season. Lyra followed her father through the portal to the mysterious and mysterious city Cittàgazze. It looks a bit like the Croatian island of Korčula, located next to a larger peninsula, but the difference is that in Chitagazi, all the houses are crowded with each other, and the land next to it is completely devoid of anyone. It doesn’t make much sense, but his second season of “Dark Matter” never bothered to explain why. But more importantly, Cittàgazze itself seems to be a ghost city, no one sees it.

The first Lyrae I met was Will Parry (Will Parry) (Emile Wilson). Starting from our world, he was surprised to find that Lyra had a “talking animal” with her. On the other hand, Lyra wants to know why Will does not have one. People without daemons? You cannot be trusted. The two eventually found themselves from the same Oxford city but from different worlds, so they finally found a middle ground. Lyra and Will then met other children, and they found that Cittàgazze was empty because it was full of ghosts – they were like floating black liquid, Lost Or “magic beast”-suck all humans away. caveat? They can only attack adults. There is only one adult left in Cittàgazze, who lives in a tower with no visible entrance.

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Amir Wilson as Will Parry, Dafne Keen as Lyra Silvertongue (“Dark Material”) Season 2
Image source: HBO

At the same time, returning to the original world, “The Lord of the Rings” (Magisterium) scrambled to cover up the portal crisis, and news broke that it was a portal to another world. Marisa will provide services and promise to dig out information from imprisoned witches under the custody of the Magisterium, because witches have always claimed that there are other worlds. And now, facts have proved this to be true, no matter how much the senior officials of “Magic Empire” want to deny. But, just as Marisa will absorb all the prophecies from the captured witch, the witch queen Ruta Skadi (Jade Anouka) is in a relationship with the Sorcerer Empire. The blood was drawn in the war. Marisa, who kept trying, used Father Will Keen as a pawn to plan a Machiavelli coup.

Thanks to Lyra and Will’s global adventures, his “Dark Matter” season 2 spent more time in our world than season 1, and many of them involved Dr. Mary Malone ( Simone Kirby), he studied dark matter in college, and the screening time of Oxford University Scoresby was much less. He is trying to find a weapon that can tell him that he can protect Lyra. He made his life mission in season 1. It did not complete successfully. Although he didn’t know it, the weapon he was looking for was the title of the second book based on the second season of “His Dark Material”: “Subtle Knife”. Just like Lyra and alethiometer in Season 1, this brings the series into another fantasy telescope that was chosen as one, but it’s not incredible because it contains at least some guidance.

However, his “Dark Materials” still hasn’t figured out how to use it with the daemon, which is disappointing, because the sound animal related to human consciousness is the best way to reveal its inner thoughts. The second season of his “Dark Materials” did not arouse any humor, the only exception was Marissa’s golden monkey sitting in a seatbelt car. That-lack of humor-is one of the many ways in which his “Dark Matter” has failed to become an HBO fantasy epic like “Game of Thrones.”

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Of course, his second season of “Dark Matter” has bigger problems. It does not master how to develop scenarios or plans in the long term. It feels like one of those “X Time Movies” TV shows, the whole season is planned as a feature film. On its own, this is annoying, especially when it cannot be used as a binge watch. Since this is a TV series between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and HBO, a new episode of the second season of his “Dark Matter” will be broadcast every week. (The original plan was eight episodes, but due to COVID-19, the independent episode centered on Asriel had to be deleted. Therefore, McAvoy was completely absent from the second season.)

Season 3 of his “Dark Matter” is underway

His dark material season 2 review lin manuel miranda his dark material season 2 review

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby in the second season of his “Dark Matter”
Image Credit: Simon Ridgway / HBO

His “Dark Matter” was originally made for the Harry Potter era, but now it is restructured for the post-game era of power, and it is in an identity crisis. At the midpoint of season 2, if the producer wants to turn the third and final “Amber Telescope” into two seasons, it is still trying to find its meaning. Its concept of multiple worlds makes it literally a science fiction, but metaphorically, it is actually about one world: our world. Even today, some people refuse to believe in science, and the government spreads unscientific or pseudo-scientific claims. COVID-19 only makes this more obvious. By dividing the two worlds, the second season of his “Dark Materials” can clearly reveal the differences between the two sides.

However, despite being timely and relevant in some places, the second season of his “Dark Materials” does not get rid of the feeling of trying to do better anywhere else. It is screening in the dust (pun intended), and the answer is largely obscured by it.

The second season of his “Dark Materials” will premiere on HBO and HBO Max in the United States on November 16th, and on Disney + Hotstar Premium in India on November 17. It was broadcast on the British BBC One website on November 8.