The government of Jammu and Kashmir has extended the ban on high-speed mobile data services for the entire United Territory except Gandbar and Udhampur until February 6.

According to the order issued by the Ministry of Interior of Jammu and Kashmir on January 22, Gandbar and Udhampur regions will continue to provide high-speed mobile data services, while in other regions, Internet speeds will be limited to 2G.

The Ministry of the Interior said, “Given that people’s concerns about the dissemination of inflammatory and inflammatory propaganda materials are a foregone conclusion, restrictions have been imposed on this.” It said it has allowed full access to the Internet through broadband services via landlines.

The government emphasized that reports from law enforcement agencies indicate that these restrictions have prevented “self-inspection of regulations and operations in Kashmir” from the evil designs of militant and terrorist organizations, misleading, provoking and inciting youth to further advance the anti-India agenda since the formulation of regulations. High-speed mobile internet The popularity of this prevents easy streaming/distribution/downloading of such materials/videos”.

The Ministry of the Interior claims that the threat perception of the alliance’s territorial security is still very high. The Ministry of the Interior said: “The intelligence is convincing regarding terrorists’ preparations for infiltration from the international border/line of control. The number of recent infiltration attempts that violated the ceasefire does not count. Count, weapons/ammunition confiscated”.

The report also pointed out that data services that rely on the availability of high-speed Internet have been widely used to coordinate and promote penetration.

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Out of safety concerns, in August 370 last year, Zai Cha Jam suspended mobile Internet services because the article abolished Article 370 that gave the former country a special status.

Six months later, in January 2020, low-speed or 2G Internet services on mobile phones were restored. On January 9, the ban on high-speed mobile Internet was extended to January 22. By August 16, 2020, high-speed mobile data services have been restored for post-paid sim card holders in Ganderbal and Udhampur.

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