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‘He will take a little time to mature’: Mohammad Shami on Umran Malik

Umran Malik is one of the most exciting fast bowling prospects in India right now as he has a knack for consistently within the 150km/h range. The SunRisers Hyderabad pacer hit the fastest ball of the season at 157km/h against Delhi Capitals. India now has a lot of fast bowlers who can pitch at a good pace and the big question on everyone’s mind right now is whether Umran will get a call-up to the national team.

“Umran Malik has rhythm, but personally, if you take my opinion, I’m not that much into rhythm. If you’re bowling at 140 degrees, but you can move the ball in both directions, it’s very important to any bat Hands are enough. He has speed, but I think he needs more time to mature because with speed, bowlers also need to improve accuracy,” Shami said in an interaction with select media on Friday.

Asked about the rising stock of young fast bowlers in the country, Shami said: “Obviously when you see young people bowling with good speed and swing, it’s a good sign for any country. When you see that you have talent, you have speed, clarity of mind, and you know what’s best for your team. In the end, it all comes down to experience, so it’s important to give the young to the game, the young and the old It’s important to be together. It’s important to give these young guys enough time to play.

“Many fast bowlers have been at the forefront in the IPL this year. It is great to see the future of our country being well taken of. Mohsin Khan practiced with me and he is young and strong. He just needs to be more focused. “You have to work hard both physically and mentally. I just wish all these young people good things in the future.”

Umran already has five wickets this season and it has already played against the Gujarat Titans and his current wicket is 15. But over the past three games, the Pacers have been found lacking and unable to get a wicket. The fast bowler from Jammu may continue to hit the 150km/h mark but has been for the past few games.


Earlier this week, Shami’s Gujarat Titans became the first team to advance to the playoffs this season, and Shami is pleased with his team’s performance this season.

“We built a good team cohesion; you’ve seen, we have a full team performance in every game. Everyone pulls together; the package is a great option for us. As a team, we Great performance in the tournament,” Shami said.

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