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Hawkeye episode 5 review: dinner with enemies, old suits and new villains

Hawkeye Episode 5 is now aired on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. If you are still shocked by the unlimited rooftop battle in the previous episode, don’t worry. This episode is about more revelations, some are known, some are rumors, and some are extra large. We got a lot of Yelena Belova from Florence Pugh because she finally faced Kate Bishop-although not as you might think. We also saw Clint Button, also known as Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), who was forced to wear an old suit to deal with some things.This episode ends with a big revelation that will surely make anyone hold their breath and wait for the end of this relaxed but pleasant season Hawkeye.

Let me assure you, Hawkeye Episode 5 is full of new promises. The promise of a new black widow and a new Hawkeye has been around for a long time, but this time we see the possibility of a new ally and a brand new MCU villain. However, it turns out that he may be no stranger to loyal fans of Marvel movies and TV shows.Nevertheless, with the penultimate episode of Marvel fans, things are getting better Hawkeye Aired in the first season.

Hawkeye Episode 5-aptly named “Rogue”, directed by Bert & Bertie, and written by Jenna Noel Frazier-starts with the voice of Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), she asks Yelena Belova (Pugh) brainwashed all the black widow agents around. With the help of synthetic gas, this world can be used as a “clinical conquer counterattack.”The audience may remember this Black widow Movie (review) earlier this year. Set in 2018, Hawkeye In the fifth episode of the cold opening, Yelena and her widow colleague Sonia try to break into another widow Anna’s house because they try to use chemical reagents on her. It turned out that she hadn’t been brainwashed after all, and preferred to get rid of assassins to make money.

When Anna and Sonia started talking about Natasha, Yelena made an excuse to walk into the bathroom. Without any warning, she suddenly uttered a voice—due to Thanos’ performance in Avengers: Infinity War, all MCU fans are very aware of this. For Yelena, she was only resurrected in less than a second after turning to dust. However, five years later, she came out of the bathroom and took her husband and adopted daughter to see Anna.

Yelena Bellova (Florence Pugh) Hawkeye Episode 5
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

This is the first time we have experienced a light spot from the perspective of one of the victims, and what actually happened lasted only a moment for a light spot person. This is an impressive way to showcase the huge time jump of five years without wasting too much time. The scene ends with Yelena asking Anna about Natasha’s whereabouts. If you have seen the ending scenes of Black Widow, you know that Yelena is tracking Clint, thinking that he murdered her sister Nata under the stimulus of Contessa Valentina (Julia Luis Dreyfus). Sha.This completes everything about the roof battle Hawkeye In episode 4, Yelena briefly exposes herself to Button and Kate Bishop (played by Hailee Steinfeld).

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At the beginning of the fifth episode, the scarred Kate returns to the home of her mother Eleanor (Vila Famega). Eleanor saw her daughter’s miserable look and asked, “Does Clint think you are a superhero?” Kate was obviously shaken. She said, “No, neither did I.” She told Eleanor Clint that it was She protects her and asks her to stay away from him, which is exactly what he did in the last episode, thinking that the Black Widow agent is hunting him and Kate should stay away from him for her own safety. Kate tells Eleanor that she and Clint have discovered a lot about Eleanor’s new partner Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton), who is also the CEO of the suspicious Sloan Company.

In the next scene, we see Maya (Araquacox), who is obviously injured, being treated by her friend Katz (Flafe). Maya tells Katz that a masked man appeared in the rooftop battle, but she doesn’t know who that person is.

Next, we saw Kate return to her hideout and apartment, where she and Clint were confronted with sportswear earlier in the season. Surprise, surprise! Yelena was already waiting for Kate in the shadows. However, she didn’t seem to be keen on killing Kate, but casually a plate of macaroni and cheese, treating the encounter as a casual dinner. She explained to Kate, who was totally confused, that she didn’t want to kill her on the roof. She just wanted to keep her away from harm.

Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) in Hawkeye Episode 5
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Yelena said she knew everything about Kate, from her dead father to her college GPA score. Kate, tired of going around in circles, asked Yelena, “Did you see Clint Button in New York?” “No, no,” Kate replied simply, “I’m here to kill him.” She finally hinted that she was hired by someone. Kill Clint, believing that he killed her sister Natasha (Kate makes another jaw-dropping revelation). “Following his bloodstains can surround the whole world.” Yelena’s hatred for Clint is vividly reflected here.

However, Kate tried to defend Clint. “He is not perfect, no one is perfect. But he is good.” Instead, she asked Yelena, maybe she should investigate the person who asked her to kill Clint in the first place. Yelena didn’t seem to believe it, and then exited from the window in a black widow manner, asking Kate not to get in the way.

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At the same time, Clint took refuge in the apartment of Rapper Greer (Clayton English), and he himself obviously needed some medical attention. Grylls tells Clint that his and Kate’s new clothes are ready (as described in the previous episode), but Clint doesn’t want to see them for the time being, so he dozes on the sofa.

When Kate went home again, she found that her mother had adopted her advice, and Jack was being dragged away by the police to investigate some wrong tax records. Jack seemed and told Eleanor that he was framed and that he would “come back soon” to her Christmas party.

At the midpoint Hawkeye In episode 5, we saw Clint visit the New York location where the Avengers first assembled more than a decade ago. He stood in front of the Avengers commemorative plaque, took off his headphones to muffle the noise, and then talked with Natasha. No, Scarlett will not be here because Clint is only talking to her, because people may think of a deceased friend.

Clint said guiltily, and he recalled the moment of her death over and over again. Mentioning her sacrifice (as seen in “Avengers: Endgame”), he said: “I do my best every day to earn what you give me. I miss you.” Then, take With an ominous premonition, he said, “I am very sorry for what I am about to do,” and then walked into the crowd.

Kate ignored Clint and Yelena’s warning to “keep away” and tried to get in touch with Clint by phone. And keep calling him until the message box fills up. At the same time, Clint sent a message to Maya through his sportswear: “Maya, see me where you first saw Ronin tonight. Alone.”

Clint also quickly called his wife Laura (Linda Cardrini) to inform her of the latest developments. He said, “If I don’t end this tonight, it’s only a matter of time before the big man gets involved.” What is he going to do? Is the “big man” here the kingpin? We don’t know yet.

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We switched to Maya waiting for Clint. However, as instructed, she is not alone because Katz and the sportswear are ready to ambush anyone who arrives. Clint puts on the Ronin suit and quickly kills everyone in a way that even Batman is proud of. Since “Avengers 4: Endgame”, we have also seen heavily armed Ronin in action for the first time.

After a quick battle between Maya and Ronin, she was subdued. This is where Ronin reveals that he is Clint. He said that Maya’s boss arranged for her father’s death at the hands of Ronin because Clint was informed by an informant who worked for Maya’s boss. The angry Maya didn’t listen any more and tried to kill Clint, but he was saved by Kate’s flying arrow at a critical moment. Kate helps rescue Clint. Her escape plan? Uber!

Meanwhile, Katz came to check Maya. Considering the new revelation, Maya asked Katz why he did not attend the meeting where his father was murdered? Katz behaved suspiciously. He mumbled that he didn’t even know there was a meeting. Maya didn’t seem to believe him, and left on her motorcycle. Does she believe in Clint? Will she work with Clint and Kate? Fingers interlocked!

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When she took an Uber back to the safe house (it was Greer’s apartment), Kate told Clint that it was actually Natasha’s sister Yelena that they were fighting with the Black Widow. We cut to the climax: Yelena follows Eleanor. She quickly sent a text message to Kate, letting her know who she found out who had hired her.

“Bishop Eleanor,” the text read. “I thought you were worth knowing.”

Yelena then sent a video to Kate, showing her mother interacting with Kim and herself. From the blurry thumbnails, you can see that Vincent D’Onofrio played Kingpin in the now cancelled show by Netflix, Daredevil.

Jin Bin (Vincent Donofrio) and Eleanor (Vera Farmega) Hawkeye Episode 5
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Does this mean that Disney has finally introduced the so far neglected superheroes in Marvel comics? Or will this become another red herring, like the return of Quicksilver and X-Men on WandaVision?We will have to wait to discover Hawkeye Episode 6 will be released next Wednesday, December 22.

And, before you ask, there is no post-credit scene Hawkeye Episode 5.

Episode 5 of Hawkeye is now playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes are released every Wednesday at around 1:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) / 12 noon.

  • release date November 24, 2021
  • type Action, adventure, comedy, superhero
  • period 2 hours 57 minutes
  • Throw

    Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Fra Fei, Tony Dalton, Zan McRanon, Brian Darcy James, Arakwa Ko Kess

  • director Reese Thomas, Burt and Bertie
  • music Christopher Baker
  • Producer Kevin Fitch, Luis Desposito, Victoria Alonso, Trian Tran, Rees Thomas, Rees Thomas, Jonathan Higuera, Brad Windbaum
  • Production Marvel Studio
  • Certificate 13+
  • User ratings

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