Many third-party infrastructure providers have announced contingency plans for the upcoming Cash upgrade on November 15, 2020. A blockchain split occurred. In addition, Kraken also announced the fork plan and airdrop support requirements.

  • The Cash (BCH) network will be upgraded on November 15, 2020, and the latest feature that will be added to the network is the ASERT Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA).
  • Due to the introduction of the Infrastructure Financing Proposal (IFP) introduced in the ABC codebase, Bitcoin Cash may fork. The other six BCH full node clients will not use the IFP function added in the software.
  • At the same time, unexpectedly, ABC announced that it will launch a software client without IFP and compatible with BCHN and other full-node clients. “Enterprises are free to choose between two chains,” Bitcoin ABC’s blog post pointed out.
  • A large number of Cash supporters on Reddit and Twitter believe that ABC’s latest announcement is a means to stay relevant. “This seems to be the last effort for relevance. As always, ABC can do anything with its own code. I just hope that no one will give them a day for their recent behavior,” Reddit user’AD1AD’ Zhou Five responses.
  • The trading platform Hitbtc revealed the contingency plan for the fork and said that if a split occurs on the 15th, it will support the two blockchains.
  • Hitbtc’s ​​statement stated: “According to the complete snapshot of the BCH balance on Hitbtc on November 15 at 12:00 PM (UTC), the new token will be issued to all users at a ratio of 1:1,” the company added: “At After the fork is completed, it will be decided which chain to carry the BCH ticker on Hitbtc.”
  • Kraken also revealed plans for next Sunday, and the exchange stated that it “will support [the] Regardless of the outcome of the fork, the Cash node. “On our platform, the Bitcoin Cash Node token will be called’Bitcoin Cash’ and will be represented by the stock symbol’BCH’,” Kraken added.
  • “Only when the hash power on the ABC network is at least 10% of the hash power on the Cash node network, we will support Bitcoin Cash ABC.” Kraken emphasized. “If we support Bitcoin Cash ABC, it will be called’Bitcoin Cash ABC’ on our platform and will be represented by the stock code’BAB’.”
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It can be understood as a two-pronged ABC announcement Here, You can read Hitbtc statements Here, And Kraken’s contingency plan for the BCH fork released on November 15, 2020, Here. The r/btc community’s response to ABC’s latest announcement can be read Here. If you have missed any previous BCH upgrade announcements based on, please check the following article.

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