GTA 5 players with seemingly incredible skills claim to be the first to defeat popular action-adventure games without suffering any loss. The player succeeded in achieving the feat in just 9 hours at the beginning of the week and released a three-part video series on YouTube to prove it. Speedrunner UnNameD stated that it took him 48 attempts to beat the game. This is a major achievement. If you have ever played a game full of bullets flying around, it is difficult to understand.

The average player needs about 31.5 hours to beat the main story of GTA V, and the top speed runners can complete it in 3.3 hours by skipping the task, and they don’t have to worry too much about getting hurt. In contrast, UnNameD’s 9-hour dash performed very well, and his video will provide valuable insights to other runners so as not to cause harm. However, there is some controversy about UnNameD’s claim that it is another player, DarkViperAU. It is said that the company laid the foundation for the strategy, and UnNameD defeated him.

Watch UnNameD’s video series:

UnNameD uses Abyssal’s One-Hit Knock Out mod. The character sets the character’s health to only one point, which means that any damage will kill the player and end the run. These include rogue cars, stray bullets, and even falling to the floor with too much force. If that’s not strong enough, then the running speed rules will prohibit UnNameD from using any armor to protect the character, and the mod will disable Trevor’s invincibility.

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The “extended and enhanced” version of GTA V for PlayStation 5 (review) and Xbox Series S and Series X (review) will be launched in November this year, including some undisclosed features and other performance improvements.

GTA was originally released in 2013 and is considered one of the most popular game franchises, and its fifth improved version is considered the most iconic. Rockstar Games’ action-adventure game was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly.

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