India is facing one of its worst energy crises amid searing heatwave conditions and growing demand

Even as the country faces a severe energy crisis, with 33% of coal-fired power plants with less than 10% coal stocks and difficult transportation, the Ministry of Power has set a target of importing 19 million tonnes of coal for utilities by the end of June

Let’s take a 10-point look at the dire situation facing the country.

  1. India has asked public and private sector utilities to ensure that 19 million tonnes of coal is shipped from overseas by the end of June, according to a letter from the power ministry.

  2. The move, which marks the first time the world’s second-biggest coal importer has released an import schedule, could weigh on global coal prices as utilities rush to avoid a repeat of April’s power crisis.

  3. If the schedule is adhered to, imports by states and private utilities blended with domestic coal over the next five months will exceed the entity’s annual imports for at least six years.

  4. The relentless heatwave pushed power demand to a record high in April, leading to the worst power crisis in six years and forcing India to reintroduce policies to reduce coal imports.

  5. The power ministry said in a letter reviewed by Reuters that the central government has asked state-owned utilities to import more than 22 million tonnes of coal and private power plants to import 15.94 million tonnes.

  6. According to a letter to senior state officials, the Department of Electricity asked all utilities to ensure delivery of 50 percent of their allotted amounts by June 30, another 40 percent by the end of August, and the remaining 10 percent by the end of October. Head of the energy sector and private power plants.

  7. State-run utilities have not imported more than 7.1 million tonnes and private companies have imported no more than 13.1 million tonnes since at least the year to March 2017, Reuters reported.

  8. Utilities are not obliged to comply with the central government’s directive, but two government officials who attended a meeting related to rising power demand said states would be of blackouts if they did not import the recommended quantities.

  9. State and private companies “must import” coal and “ensure continued power supply in their respective states,” the letter said.

  10. Private companies including Adani Power, Tata Power, Reliance Power, Jindal Steel and Power, Torrent Power and Sembcorp have secured import targets, according to the letter.

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