Gotham Knights – the upcoming superhero role-playing game supporting the two-man campaign collaboration – will feature the largest Gotham City map ever found in an open-world Batman game, Gotham Knights developer WB Games Montréal has revealed. Of course, map size doesn’t directly equate to better games, as some Assassin’s Creed games work against them. But I think some Batman fans — and those who love Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood — will be happy to hear Gotham Knights will give them the freedom to explore Batman’s many birthplaces.

“It’s pretty big. I don’t put one map on top of another, but our Gotham is a big place,” Geoff Ellenor, game director for Gotham Knights, said in an interview earlier this week. told Game Informer. “I tend to spend a lot of Zoom calls driving the Batcycle around Gotham. It’s the fastest and coldest of the bunch (the original) to move around the city. It feels like a big place. “

Gotham Knights executive producer Fleur Marty added: “This is definitely the biggest release of Gotham. [City] This has been shown in video games. The most important thing for us is its density and verticality. It has many layers. Batcycle is a form of long-distance transportation. “The mention of verticality is particularly interesting to me because it suggests that players will be able to climb tall buildings, just like in superhero games like Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Having a big map to explore as a superhero in Gotham Knights with friends is certainly promising, although I hope it’s like an Assassin’s Creed game – apologies for the repeated dunks, but you know what I mean – The huge Gotham City map isn’t filled with boring or pointless side quests. Nobody wants icons for icons’ sake. While Ellenor isn’t drawn to Gotham’s quest and side quest structure for a while, he does say so.

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“The city could do a lot of different things without divulging anything we want to about in exchanges,” Ellenor said. “You can find some by walking around. We have an AR vision that we showed in the game trailer, and it’s a great way to find things to do. As for the mission structure, if you’re an action-adventure lover, you’ll be very Familiar. We have an ongoing case file, which is the mystery you’re investigating. If you read through the story, you’ll unlock new chapters in the case file that tell you where to go.”

In the new interview, the Gotham Knights developer also talks about how the co-op mode works and whether you can have the same character as a partner. Fleur noted, “We’re going to leave it to the player. We know some people will want different characters, but some people won’t care. I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you play two of the same characters, there’s something in the game An interesting moment. We give you complete freedom.”

“You can invite friends to join your game and control your matchmaking settings to see if you’re going to be surprised by whoever shows up. You can also play by yourself,” Ellenor added. “We have co-op levels that are designed to show the physicality of the characters working together. It’s true that there’s a lot of synergy in how one hero’s abilities affect the fight against another. Nightwing is the strongest indicator of that. A lot of his abilities are It’s to benefit his friends and protect others.”

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Gotham Knights releases on October 25th on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. It has nothing to do with the live-action Gotham Knights TV series in the works.

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