Alphabet’s Google said it will support President-elect Biden’s efforts to pass a new US immigration law, and will help pay application fees for immigrants seeking legal jobs under threatening government programs.

Google said on Wednesday that it will pay the application fee of about 500 young immigrants seeking employment under the “Delayed Child Arrival Action” program.

It comes as Google and other major US employers have moved from criticizing the outgoing Donald Trump for restricting immigration policies and undermining the company’s ability to hire foreign-born workers.

Biden said last week that he would propose unspecified immigration legislation to Congress immediately after taking office on January 20. Biden’s Democrats will control Congress, which increases the chances of his ideas becoming law.

“We will support the efforts of the new Congress and the new administration to pass comprehensive immigration reforms to improve employment-based visa programs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the United States and providing greater guarantees for immigrant workers and employers. , And promote better and more humane immigration processing and border security practices,” said Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president, in a blog.

Walker added that Google’s philanthropy department will donate US$250,000 (approximately Rs 18 million) to the “Unity of Our Dreams” organization, which will help the illegal after children obtain work permits and use deferred action plans to avoid deportation. Immigrants live illegally in the United States, or DACA.

Walker said it is expected that court rulings will soon threaten the renewal and suspension of these permits. The recipient is often called the “dreamer”.

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Google has worked with large technology companies in the past and issued statements about immigration policies. However, only another technology company spoke on the matter this week.

Uber told Reuters that it will continue to support “dreamers” and welcome “the new government’s efforts to reform our country’s immigration system.”

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