According to a report, Google is redesigning music-related search queries on the desktop. There is a navigation drawer on the left, which displays the name and query description. If it is an album, it appears with the cover. Below it, you can click on sub-categories such as Overview, Listening, Videos, and Songs. The sharing button has also been moved to the navigation drawer.

According to the 9to5Google report, the Google search redesign for music has been tested for some time, but it is now being widely promoted.

There is a “listening” card on the right side of the web search results on Google, and you can choose to listen to songs or albums on Spotify, YouTube Music, or other popular music streaming platforms in the region. The “About” card below contains information about songs or albums obtained from Wikipedia.

The report also said that some songs also have other options, such as “other recordings” and “analysis.” With other options available in a clean and easy-to-use format, Google’s intention seems to be to provide users with other options at their fingertips and save the extra step of entering new search results.

Currently, the redesign seems to only apply to music-related search results on Google Search. According to the report, searching for other types of media, people or news will show the search results in the old design.

Last month, Google announced a redesign of mobile search to enable people to focus on information and make text easier to read. The redesign brings unparalleled results, thereby minimizing the use of shadows, making it easier for you to instantly see what you are searching for.

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