Now, you can use Google’s 3D model and augmented reality experience to invite Grogu (Baby Yoda) into your home. As of now, searching for “Baby Yoda” in Google Search, the words “Grogu” and “The Child” will generate a small and cute 3D model of the alien, which users can now use their smartphones to view in their rooms it.

According to Mashable, Google search on mobile devices provides a variety of interesting 3D models, from dinosaurs to cats. The latest film is Grogu from Disney’s “The Mandalorian” TV show, usually called Baby Yoda. Searching for any of the above three terms will bring up an information panel about that character.

In addition to pictures and short descriptions, the information panel also includes 3D models of little aliens. Click on the model and it will pull up an interactive version, which you can rotate with your fingers. The model includes voice effects and AR mode.

As required by Mashable, by tapping the option to view Grogu in your environment, users can grant the Google app access to the camera of their device. Point the camera at the floor (or other surface) of the room to see the 3D model, which includes animation and sound effects.

Mashable reports that the tool provides an ingenious way to view all of Yoda’s babes and is also a fun way to entertain children who might be surprised to see aliens on the bedroom floor. Instead of searching Grogu, you can search for similar AR experiences like cats, dogs, and dinosaurs.

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