The company announced in its blog on Monday that Google search will get a “full coverage” feature. This feature can help users obtain comprehensive pictures of news reports from various sources, especially for complex news topics marked by constant updates. The comprehensive report function made its debut in Google News in 2018 and was launched in Google Search, making it easier for people to understand complex news reports when searching for information. So far, all the functions of Google search are available on mobile devices.

When searching for ever-changing and timely topics (such as the coronavirus pandemic), users will see a carousel of articles at the top of the search results, highlighting relevant news. They can scroll to the end of the “Hot Stories” carousel or click ” more news The options that appear below this carousel. The user will then be taken to a page that provides them with various views and perspectives on the development of news from various publishers.

“With this release, we will introduce a new technology that can detect long-lasting news reports that span many days (such as the Super Bowl) to weeks or months (such as COVID-19). Pandemic). Then, we will organize a “full report” page to help people easily find the headlines and other content that helps explain these complex stories, such as narrators and local reports.

When the Full Coverage feature debuted in Google News in 2018, users could view headlines from various sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, social comments, and a schedule of stories that aired over time . Then, Google News uses a set of AI technology to capture the information flow that continues to appear on the Internet, and then analyzes it in real time to organize it into a storyline.

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The “full search” function has been activated on mobile devices, starting with American English. It is expected that in the next few months, it will be extended to more languages ​​and regions.

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