Google has reorganized its responsible artificial intelligence work and concentrated the team under the leadership of an executive, Marian Croak. This is an initiative taken by the Internet giant to overcome months of chaos Stable team engaged in ethics research and product research.

Croak, vice president of engineering, will say in a YouTube video responsible for announcing the appointment on Thursday that she will be the head of the responsible AI research and engineering technology center. The Alphabet unit is trying to alleviate the grievances of employees caused by the fierce departure of the famous black researcher Timnit Gebru. Croak, a black Google executive who is currently focusing on website reliability matters, will report to Jeff Dean, senior vice president of Google AI.

Croak admitted in the video that there are currently many “disagreements” in the field of moral AI, and researchers are divided in principle.

“Will we use the definition of fairness or safety?” she said. “There are many conflicts in this field, and sometimes it can be polarized. What I want to do is to get people to talk in a more diplomatic way than we have now, so that we can really promote the development of this field. “

Croak will oversee the employees of the ethical AI team and other fairness teams, which have become the focus of a rigorous review. People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg News, which included people working in machine learning, computer vision systems, natural language processing, and people designing fair products. The person familiar with the matter said that Megan Kacholia (Megan Kacholia) aroused criticism from employees after he fired Gebru and will no longer supervise these researchers.

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Gebru responded to the news by writing on Twitter that Google tried to “neutralize a black woman with another black woman.”

The crisis began in early December, when Gebru, who was most famous for showing that facial recognition algorithms could recognize whites better than blacks, said that she was expelled by email.

Google said that after a conflict in an artificial intelligence research paper on its technology, Google has accepted its resignation. Her dismissal disturbed the ethical AI research team she led, and members of the team took to Twitter to publicly support her and criticize Google.

Two weeks later, a group of Google artificial intelligence researchers sent a series of requests for new policies and leadership changes to management. Five weeks ago, Google also excluded Margaret Mitchell, another leader of its artificial intelligence ethics research team, preventing her from accessing the company’s network.

This is not the first time Google has turned to Croak for help. A few days after Gebru was removed, Croak chaired the meeting between Dean and Kacholia on the one hand, and chaired the meeting between researchers and the Black Googlers Network on the other.

“My biggest disappointment is that Marian Croak legalized it,” Gebru wrote on Twitter. “Starting with hosting a great performance by Megan & Jeff.”

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