Google Play Music has been turned off for multiple users. The website of the music streaming service (sometimes even an Android application) states that “Google Play Music is no longer available” and it is recommended that users transfer their music to YouTube Music, or download/delete their data. Although the application on the mobile phone is still available for some users (including us), it is reported that it has also begun to be closed for some users. At the same time, YouTube Music will be upgraded on Android Auto, including the addition of free users.

Google Play Music on the Internet is no longer available, the website clearly stated. It added that users can transfer their accounts and media libraries, including playlists and uploads, within a certain period of time. It has an easy transfer process, and there is a “Transfer to YouTube Music” button on the right side of the center of the page. After clicking this button, if your account is linked, you will automatically enter a page where you can start the music transfer process.

This page also provides options for users who want to download or delete their music. Users can choose to export their music library, delete their recommendation history or delete their entire music library. If you do not delete it, Google said that once Google Play Music is turned off, music and data will be deleted automatically.

According to reports, the Google Play Music app has also stopped working on some phones
Image source: Android Police

Although the application still seems to work on some phones, including us, some reports and users on Reddit stated that the application and the online version of Google Play Music point to the same page. As mentioned earlier, the music store on Google Play Music has also officially closed. The closure of Play Music to all users worldwide seems to be only a matter of days. Google announced that it will close Google Play Music, focusing only on one music streaming application-YouTube Music.

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On the other hand, the YouTube music app on Android Auto is introducing new features. According to a report from Android Police, free members can now browse their library of uploaded songs and use Google Assistant commands to play music. Previously, this feature was limited to YouTube Music Premium users.

Some users pointed out that the YouTube music playback screen will now also add queued songs. Music streaming apps like Spotify already have this feature, and YouTube including it may also cause more Google Play Music users to transfer to YouTube Music. The application has recently introduced many new features.

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