The Google Photos unlimited storage benefit will end on June 1. In November last year, Google announced that it would terminate unlimited storage benefits. This change means that users who want to exceed the 15GB limit of their Google account (allocated between Google Photos, Drive and Gmail) will have to purchase more storage space. Google Photos users can choose to store an unlimited amount of “high-quality” photos (compressed below 16MB) on the cloud for free, and the photos will no longer exist on June 1.

If you are still far away from 15GB of storage space, this change will not affect you immediately. Google account users will begin to receive notifications when their storage space approaches 15GB. It’s important to note that “high quality” and “express” quality photos (further compressed) and videos backed up before June 1st will not count towards your Google account storage limit. However, photos backed up in “original” quality before June 1st will be counted in your Google account storage space.

Back up to high quality or express quality before June 1st

To check the quality of your backup, go to Google Photos app>Click on the profile icon>Photo settings>Backup and sync>Upload size. Choose “High Quality” or “Express Quality”, depending on the 15GB remaining storage space you allow. Express quality reduces the resolution better than high quality and “original” quality, as the name implies, preserves the resolution. Keep in mind that all photos backed up in “High” or “Fast” quality will not be counted in Google account storage before June 1, so it is best to make this change.

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Use Google One to free up storage space

Another thing to do before the June 1 deadline is to free up some storage space in Google Photos and keep it within the 15GB Google account limit. To delete unwanted photos and videos from Google Photos, download the Google One app, log in with the same Google account as Google Photos, and go to the “Storage” tab.Click on Free up account storage space. Storage Manager will provide different solutions to free up storage space to help you limit storage space to less than 15GB.

Google also said that it will also launch a new free tool that will allow users to discover blurry, dark and other low-quality photos to help users delete them and keep them within 15GB of free storage space. The tool will be launched in June. Make sure to use this tool and remove unwanted photos.

Purchase storage space through a Google One or Apple One subscription

After reaching the storage space limit, you can subscribe to Google One or Apple One according to the mobile phone you are using. iPhone users can subscribe to Google One, but to subscribe to Apple One, you need an Apple device.

Google One starts at Rs. 120 per month, can provide 100GB of storage space. If the user wants 200GB of storage space, the Google One membership fee is Rs. It costs Rs 210 per month, and the cost of the 2TB storage plan is Rs. 650 per month. The annual package price is Rs. 1,300 rupees. 2,100 and Rs. 6,500. Other apps (such as Dropbox, OneDrive) also offer cloud storage subscriptions, but if you are a frequent user of Google products, subscribing to Google One makes the most sense.

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In addition to additional storage space, Google One can also automatically back up your phone so that you can easily switch phones and help you get in touch with experts to better resolve complaints. It also provides access to Google Store rewards and Google Play points. Users can share their Google One plan with up to five family members, and can get free extended trials in services such as YouTube premium services.

Apple users can also subscribe to Google One on their iPhone or iPad, or choose Apple One or iCloud storage subscription. There are two Apple One membership plans in India-individual and family plans. The price of the personal plan is Rs. 195 per month, in addition to Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade subscriptions, it also provides 50GB iCloud storage. The price of the family plan is Rs. 365 per month, and provides 200GB of iCloud storage, usage of five members and subscriptions for Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

The basic iCloud storage plan starts at Rs. 75 per month (applicable to 50GB data). Rs. 219 per month can provide you with 200GB of data and Rs. The 749 plan provides 2TB of data.

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