You can now use Google Lens with Google Photos on your desktop web browser. Google will be able to recognize text through optical character recognition (OCR). The process of recognizing text through Google Lens retains the same pulse point animation on the entire image. Last month, Google has integrated the lens function into the Google Photos app on Android to scan saved images. In addition, Google recently adopted a new logo for its Lens app, which better symbolizes its camera capabilities than before.

This new feature was first discovered by 9to5Google and independently verified by Advertisement Shout.When the user opens an image with text, Google will show this option Copy the text in the picture Appears to the left of the previously available options below share it, edit, Skyrocket, And other controls. Selecting this option will trigger the familiar Google Lens animation, generating pulsating points on the entire image. The user can also select the part of the text to be analyzed, select the option “deselect text” and select it by highlighting it with the cursor.

OCR is a very useful tool for analyzing handwritten, typed or printed text and converting it into machine-encoded text. This feature is one of the most convenient features of Google Lens, and is the only Lens feature available on the Google Photos desktop network. This function currently does not recognize plants or monuments.

Earlier this year, Google Photos integrated Google Lens, which can scan saved images directly from the gallery in the Android device.Users at the bottom of the screen can use the tool and share it, edit, with delete Options.In addition, Google Photos for Web added explore The label is in March.The new tab page categorizes photos as people, local, with thing.

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