The German competition authority said on Friday that it is investigating Alphabet Inc’s Google News Showcase, a platform that provides news on the news site of the tech giant.

It said that the cooperation with Google may be attractive to publishers and other news providers and provide consumers with better information services.

“However, it must be ensured that this does not lead to discrimination between individual publishers,” the statement said. “Google’s strong position in reaching end customers will not cause the competitive products of publishers or other news providers to be squeezed out of the market.”

In response, Google stated that its Showcase product launched last fall is one of many ways it supports journalism, based on products and funds that all publishers can benefit from.

“Showcase is an international news licensing program-the selection of partners is based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria, and our results rankings do not give priority to partners’ content,” said spokesperson Kay Oberbeck. He added that Google will cooperate with the investigation.

This is the second case against Google in a few days after the German antitrust agency launched an investigation into whether the American search giant used its way of processing user data to take advantage of its market dominance.

The Bonn-based regulator has also taken advantage of recent reforms in Germany’s competition law to give it greater powers to launch new investigations into the data practices of Facebook and Amazon.

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