Google Maps will soon show how busy a place is from the map view. The map already has a feature that allows you to see how busy a restaurant or other company is. Now you can directly see how busy a specific location is without searching. Google announced that busyness information will appear directly on the directions and maps. It will soon be promoted to Android, iOS and desktop users worldwide. In the next few months, users will also be able to use Live View, a feature that uses AR to help you find roads around cities to learn more about businesses, restaurants, or shops.

Google announced new improvements to Google Maps in its 2020 search campaign. Google Maps will place indicators such as “usually busy” and “usually not too busy” under the location name to help people make more informed decisions based on the coronavirus pandemic. The busy feature allows users to see how busy a place is. This feature was launched in 2016. Google said that from March to May this year, its interaction with it increased by 50%.

Google said it is working to expand real-time busy information to more places around the world and is expected to increase global coverage by five times compared with June 2020. The expansion will include more outdoor areas such as beaches and parks, as well as functions such as grocery stores, gas stations, laundromats and pharmacies.

The tech giant explained that for the past four to six weeks, it has always favored the most recent data in order to quickly adapt to changing epidemic time patterns and busy living locations in a certain place, while keeping COVID-19 and social distancing norms in mind.

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Android and iOS users will soon be able to use the real-time display function on Google Maps to learn more about the business. If you are walking around and the store has caught your attention, you can use Live View to quickly understand its business hours, busyness, health and safety information (if any) and star ratings, just point to Your store is fine. Mobile phone camera. Live View only works on AR compatible phones.

Google launched Live View for Maps, which uses AR to help better navigate users. Now, Google will use the arrows and directions overlaid on the screen to pair the same technology with useful information about the location in the live view. The search giant announced earlier this month that iPhone and Android users will soon experience an updated live view during location sharing.

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