Google introduced new features for Android TV users in India to help them save data. Microsoft said that these features are designed with Indian users in mind, they have been connecting their Android TV through mobile hotspots to use smart TV functions. Connecting high-definition TV with mobile data will quickly exhaust the daily data limit. Google is trying to solve this problem by introducing four new features for Android TV. These include “data protection program”, “data alert”, “hot guide” and “projected in file”.

Google said in a blog post that even with limited mobile data, these features can help Indian users make the most of smart TVs. As the name implies, the data protection program function can reduce data usage on mobile hotspot connections. Google said that by reducing data usage, the viewing time at the same time can be increased by three times. Whenever users switch to mobile hotspots to watch content on TV, they can enable this feature in Settings.

There is also a new “Data Alert” feature that allows you to understand data usage while watching TV. Whenever you use the specified amount of data, these alerts will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The user can choose when to view these alerts. When you use 100MB, 500MB and 1GB data, there are some options to get the alert, or the user can also turn off the alert. The tech giant also launched a new hotspot guide to help users easily set up TVs with mobile hotspots.

Google said that the new features will be rolled out to Android TV devices in India in the next few weeks. The first TVs to receive this support include MarQ TVs produced by Xiaomi, TCL and Flipkart. The global promotion of the same function will begin later.

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Google has also added support for “projected files”, allowing users to view media downloaded from their mobile phones to the TV without using data. Android TV users can use this feature through the Beta program, and it will be launched in the next few weeks.

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