Gmail now allows users to use the new “Save to Photos” button to save photos sent as attachments directly to Google Photos. However, this new feature is currently only compatible with pictures sent in JPEG format, and there is no information about when this new feature will support other formats. This is Google’s useful addition to Gmail, especially because they deleted the synchronization between Google Photos and Google Drive in 2019. Gmail users can save any attachments directly to their Google Drive earlier, instead of saving photos and videos.

Google introduced this new feature through its Workspace blog. As mentioned earlier, Google’s new feature allows Gmail users to use the new “Save to Photos” button to save photo attachments directly to Google Photos. This button coexists with the “Add to Drive” button on the attachment or during preview. Until 2019, Google Drive and Google Photos have been synchronized for collaboration, but the search giant changed this setting for “simplicity.”

This new feature reduces the need for users to download JPEG images and manually back them up to Google Photos. However, it is still necessary to manually upload media in other image and video formats to Google Photos so that they can be organized into albums or backed up to the cloud.

“By default, this feature will be enabled. For eligible photos, you can choose the Save to Photos button, which is similar to the option to add to the drive,” the blog wrote. Google also provides detailed information on how to upload files and folders to Google Drive on its support page.

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The deployment of the “Save to Photos” feature will be gradually completed using the “Quick Release” and “Scheduled Release” fields. Users in the former domain will start receiving updates on May 26, and users in the latter domain will start receiving updates a week later. Google said that it may take up to 15 days for the feature to appear to all Gmail users.

In addition, this feature will be applicable to all Workspace users as well as G Suite basic users and enterprise users. Users with personal Google accounts will also receive the new “Save to Photos” feature.

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