, the leading home-grown web search platform in the Czech Republic, said it has asked Google to compensate 9.07 billion Czech crowns (about 417 million US dollars / 300 crore rupees) for losses, saying the American giant has restricted competition.

Seznam said that Google abused its dominant position in the Czech market because its licensed operating system and application store bought smart devices equipped with the Android operating system.

A Google spokesperson (part of Alphabet’s department) said that since this request has not been received, it cannot comment.

Seznam said: “Based on the European Commission’s decision in 2018, which confirmed that Google violated the EU’s antitrust laws, we demand compensation for the losses suffered when trying to distribute apps and services through mobile devices with the Android operating system.” Vice Chairman Pavel Zima said.

Google rejected claims that it unfairly favored its services. It said that its users are not locked out, and competition only requires one click on the Internet.

Google said: “Android provides people with unprecedented choices to decide which applications they install, use and set default applications on their devices, and enables millions of application developers worldwide to successfully build their businesses.”

Seznam said that based on the claims from 2011 to 2018, it has been sent to Google in the past few days (with a period of 30 days) and is ready to take a civil lawsuit.

Seznam stated that its share of the Czech search market is 25%. Its revenue in 2019 was 4.69 billion CZK (approximately 16 billion rupees), and its cumulative revenue since 2011 was 32 billion CZK (approximately 10.9 billion rupees). ).

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Reuters reported in November that a group of 165 companies and industry groups called on EU antitrust enforcement agents to take a tougher stance against Google.

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