The search giant released a new Google doodle, urging people to wear masks. Google Doodle can be published as a public service announcement with a message that reads: “Put on a mask. Save lives.” The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has swept through India and other countries around the world, with thousands of new cases appearing every day. This requires more social awareness in wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Google Doodle animated the Google logo, and its letters began to wear masks. When you place the cursor on the Doodle, it will display a message saying: “Mask is still important. Put on a mask to save lives.”

After clicking the doodle, it will display the search results of the “COVID-19 Prevention” query. It also displays information about wearing masks and urges people to wear masks, wash hands and keep a safe distance.The message also contains a More information Button, you can enter the website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which displays the latest number of active COVID-19 cases and deaths in the country.

Google has cooperated with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to show the public an announcement on the prevention of COVID-19 through the latest logo. The animated doodle also includes information on how to prevent the World Health Organization (WHO) from spreading COVID-19.

A few months later, the epidemic of the coronavirus weakened, but it raged again in many parts of the world. On Sunday, India surpassed 100,000 COVID-19 cases per day. The hard-hit countries, especially Maharashtra, have implemented new restrictions, including curfews to limit transmission.

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Even if more and more people are vaccinated against this deadly virus every day, the number of COVID-19 cases is still increasing.

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