The latest version of Chrome Canary has tested Google Chrome Labs as a new feature. After enabling Chrome Labs, users can access it through the toolbar menu to view user-oriented experimental features. These can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux, but are currently only available through Chrome Canary. The two new features currently provided by Chrome Labs are “reading list” and “tab search”, which you can enable, disable or set as “default” from the toolbar itself.

After enabling the Chrome Labs function on Chrome Canary, a flask-like icon will be added to the corner of the toolbar menu. The reading list feature allows users to right-click on a tab or click the bookmark star icon to add the tab to the reading list. These tabs can be accessed from the “Bookmarks” bar. At the same time, the “Tag Search” function will add an icon to the tag bar, which can be used to search for tags from the opened tags.

Chrome Labs is how the search giant promotes certain experimental features and improves their visibility. Users can also choose to visit the chrome logo page to check functionality, and Chrome Labs is a simpler and more structured way to track new experiments.

How to use Chrome Labs

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome Canary. Enter chrome: // flags / in the address bar. Search Chrome Lab in Search flag Option and select activated. After that, restart the browser.

When you restart Chrome, you will see a new flask icon next to the address bar on the right. After clicking, you will see a list of currently available experiments, currently limited to “reading list” and “tag search”.These will be set as default, click activated In order to use these functions. You need to restart Chrome to display and reflect these features.

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As gHacks pointed out, Google is not the only company dedicated to improving the discoverability of experimental features in the browser. In the past, Mozilla and Vivaldi have added such pages to their browsers to promote their use.

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