The Google Chrome browser for Android is getting a new built-in screenshot tool.The new option is displayed in the share menu at the bottom along with the content below Copy the link, send to your device, QR code, with print. The new tool appears to be part of Google’s recently released Chrome 91 update for Android. The screenshot tool complements the improved “Share Menu” that Google launched last year. This new feature should make it easier to take screenshots of web pages.

The new screenshot tool in Chrome for Android has apparently been provided with the recently released Chrome 91 update. The screenshot tool was discovered by 9to5Google. The gadget 360 can also independently verify this function on different Android smartphones. This tool is part of the “Share Menu” launched by Google, which was updated with Chrome on all devices in August 2020.

Chrome 91’s new screenshot tool will become part of the “Share” menu

The “Share Menu” in the Chrome browser for Android has been reorganized and now has three lines. The first line shows the page name, URL and icon of the current web page. The middle row is a list of the top social apps that users have on their devices.At the bottom of the line is a list of options, including the new Screenshot, along with Copy the link, send to your device, QR code, with print.

User clicks Screenshot Option, the app will take a screenshot of the entire webpage, including the address bar at the top. Then, the application displays three options at the bottom of the screen: Tailoring, text, with painting.

This Crops The function allows users to freely crop screenshots according to their needs. However, there is currently no visible option to lock the aspect ratio of the image.The second option is to add text image. After clicking, Chrome for Android provides users with a text box. painting Allows users to freely draw screenshots with their fingers, and can also change the size of the brush. The user can also select the color of the text or the gesture to draw on the image.

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After the user edits the screenshot, click Next In the upper right corner of the screen, the user can see three options, namely Share this screenshot, “Save to device only”, or delete.

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