Google Chrome extensions will have limited data access in the coming year. To make Chrome extensions more secure, the search giant will change the way it accesses data from the browser. Currently, Google provides three broad options for users to choose from to restrict Chrome extensions from being able to read websites and access data. In 2021, Chrome browser users will determine which websites an extension can visit while you browse the Web, without having to be determined by the extension. This will provide more control over expansion than the broad categories currently available.

Google announced on its blog that Chrome extensions will change the way data is accessed on the browser in 2021. The user will decide which website can access the data and can save these preferences for that domain. Users can still decide to grant extended access to all websites they visit, but this will no longer be the default option in 2021.

Currently, right-clicking on the Chrome extension in the toolbar will bring up a menu with the option “This option can read and change site data”. When this option is selected, three options will be displayed-when the extension is clicked, it will be on that specific website and on all websites. Currently, the extension can access all sites by default, but this will change in the coming year. Google has not announced the exact timeline for the change of date.

The tech giant said in a blog: “We have also been improving the developer policy to make extensions more transparent. Starting January 18, each extension will publicly display its “privacy practices”, which will use clear Visual effects and simple language to explain the data it collects and uses. We also restrict the way developers process the collected data.” Google said that it also hopes to introduce more protective measures through “enhanced safe browsing” to Make downloading extensions less troublesome.

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