The company announced that the stable version of Google Chrome 89 is now available on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The Chrome update brings features such as customizable profiles and ongoing privacy sandboxes, as well as some features that have been developed for a long time, such as local web sharing on desktops and Phone Hub for Chrome OS. These updates were previously seen in the beta version of the browser. Google said that the Chrome 89 update will be launched for Android and desktop computers in the next few weeks.

Google announced the stable version of Chrome 89 for Android and desktops through a separate blog post. Google said that Chrome 89 includes many stability and performance improvements and new features. Although Google has not released a detailed change log, we can get some tips from the Chrome 89 beta release announcement, which lists all the features that come with the new update.

One of the main features brought by Google Chrome 89 is the customizable user profile that we previously reported. This feature allows users to customize their Google Chrome profile in the browser with colors and backgrounds, which will make it easier to identify and switch between different profiles.

The second main function is web sharing on desktop computers (Windows and Chrome OS). Essentially, this means that users can now share website links through the native sharing menu, just like on Chrome for Android. If the website supports the new Web sharing function, pressing the “Share” button on the website will open a native sharing menu, which will display all the applications installed on the device. This will allow you not only to share website links with social media platforms integrated on the website, but also to share website links with any application on your device that supports it. As mentioned by Android Police, developers can use this feature on Windows and Chrome operating systems without adding any code.

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According to reports, Google has also launched a Phone Hub for Chrome OS, which allows you to connect your Android smartphone to a Chromebook. It allows you to view phone notifications on your desktop, control certain functions of Android devices from your computer, and synchronize Google Chrome tabs between devices.

In addition, Chrome 89 has fully realized the support for WebHID, which is an API that enables Web applications to interact with devices such as VR controls, gamepads and joysticks. The latest update also brings WebNFC, which allows websites to read and write NFC tags in supported locations. Android device. In addition, Chrome 89 will no longer support older x86 processors because they cannot meet the new requirements for running certain functions.

According to the Android Police report, some features were discovered in Chrome 89 Beta, such as the Privacy Sandbox and the new Discover feed format (on Chrome for Android). The “privacy sandbox” still under development will allow advertisers to serve relevant ads to people. Google said that this feature will help maintain the current advertising model without the need to track users on a single level. In addition, Chrome 89 users on Android may soon see changes to the “discovered” feed on the “New Tab Page.” Different from the conventional card-style related information display, Chrome 89 displays content through simple separators. The title font is larger, and the description preview has been removed.

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