Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai apologized to Thierry Breton, head of the European industry, for a leaked internal document, which proposed a strategy for responding to the EU’s new tough rules on Internet companies and lobbying against the EU Commissioner.

A statement from the European Commission said Pichai and Breton exchanged views on a teleconference on Thursday night, which is the third time this year.

An internal Google document outlines a 60-day strategy aimed at attacking the EU’s push for the new rules by making US allies fight back against Breton.

The call was initiated by Google before the file was leaked. Breton brought out the leaked documents and showed them to Pichai during the call.

Breton told Anglo American at an online conference on Friday, waving documents in the air. He said: “I’m not surprised. I’m not naive. I think it’s a bit outdated.”

“Anyway, yes, I discussed with Sundar… I told him I should tell him… He apologized. (I told him) If you need to tell me something, my goal will always be open, ” He said.

Pichai apologized for the way the document was published. He said he did not see or approve the document. He said that if he saw the language and policies specifically directed at Google, he would directly contact the British.

Google said the two had a frank but open conversation.

Spokesperson Al Verney said in a statement: “Through the lockdown, our online tools have become the lifeblood of many people and businesses, and Google is committed to continuing to innovate and build services that can contribute to the recovery of the European economy after COVID. “

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The incident highlights the strong lobbying of technology companies against the proposed EU rules, which may hinder their business and force changes in their operations.

Brittany also warned Pichai of excess internet.

He told Pichai: “The Internet cannot maintain the’Wild West’: We need clear and transparent rules, a predictable environment, and a balanced right and obligation.”

Breton will announce the new draft rules, the “Digital Services Act” and the “Digital Market Act”, together with European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on December 2.

The rule will list the actions and non-doings of goalkeepers, who are online companies with market power, forcing them to share data with competitors and regulators instead of unfairly promoting their services and products.

EU antitrust chief executive Margrethe Vestager (Margrethe Vestager) has fined Google a total of 8.25 billion euros (about 72,780 crore) in the past three years for the abuse of Google​​​ Market power to support its shopping comparison service, Android mobile operating system and advertising business.

Breton told Pichai that he will use the gatekeeper platform to improve the EU’s ability to contain improper conduct, so that the Internet will not only benefit a few companies, but also European small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

He told Pichai: “Europe’s position is clear: As long as we follow our rules, everyone on our continent will be welcomed.”

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