Google Bookmarks will be completely closed on September 30th. A banner has been posted on the Google Bookmarks website stating that Google will no longer support the service after the aforementioned date. The service has not been used by many users since it was launched in 2005. It is worth noting that Google also mentioned that users’ browser bookmarks and starred locations on Google Maps will not be affected by the closure of Google’s bookmarks. If necessary, you can save these bookmarks externally.

Killed by Google found the stop of Google Bookmarks service shared On Twitter. When visiting the bookmarking site, Google will display a message stating that “Google bookmarks will no longer be supported after September 30, 2021.” It also mentioned that users can save their bookmarks by clicking “Export Bookmarks.” Go here to see if you have saved any bookmarks.

The Google bookmark service was quite advanced when it launched in 2005. It provides users with a cloud storage service to save their bookmarks and annotation features-notes and tags-to help search and sort the data saved on the website. In addition, there is a JavaScript-based bookmark widget that allows users to quickly and easily save bookmarks from the browser.

If a user finds a large amount of data on the Google bookmarks website that they have not saved, then this data is most likely stored by the map application. Google may also have synchronized or may partially store Google Maps data on the website. It is worth noting that only the starred locations in Google Maps are stored on the website.

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It’s also worth noting that the user’s map data will not be lost, because a Google spokesperson confirmed that “starred locations in Google Maps will not go anywhere. All your starred locations remain the same, and you can still save locations It’s like the list you’ve always had.”

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