Microsoft and Google are working together to make it easier for website developers to build websites. The main problem facing web developers is the cross-browser compatibility of their websites. The partnership is called #Compat2021 and aims to solve the five main issues of browser compatibility issues. These five areas are CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, position: stickiness, aspect ratio and CSS conversion. The project also invites web developers to contribute.

Chrome developer Tweet On Monday, Microsoft and Google jointly announced #Compat2021 to address the major issues facing web developers in cross-browser compatibility. On its Google Developers blog, Google lists five main problems that web developers face when building websites. The same information is collected through a Google project called Web Developer Satisfaction or DevSAT. The project will also invite the web developer community to report bugs or missing projects they encounter.

CSS Flexbox is a tool that helps developers align images on their web pages. The problem here is the automatic alignment function, which will malfunction due to incorrect image ratios in different browsers. Another pain point for web developers is CSS Grid. An improvement will help create animated grid layouts on Chromium and WebKit, as Gecko already supports this feature. CSS position: Stickiness helps to place and fix content on a web page, and improvements will bring consistency across browsers. They also want to fix the aspect ratio to maintain a consistent aspect ratio for various elements. Finally, the improvement of CSS conversion will help to achieve the consistency of 3D effects and animations on different browsers.

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Microsoft and Google are working together to solve the problems on Chromium, which will help solve the problems on Chrome and Edge browsers. If you are interested in the latest developments, you can do it on the Compat 2021 dashboard.

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