Google will begin to rank executives based on employee diversity goals, and increase human resources staff, and admits that Timnit Gebru was at fault in the fierce division, Timnit Gebru (Timnit Gebru) is a famous former employee and one of the few black women in the field of artificial intelligence. A person familiar with the matter said that Sundar Pichai, CEO of the parent company Alphabet, described the changes in an email to employees. The person requested anonymity and they asked to discuss non-public information. The email contained comments from Jeff Dean, an executive in charge of the company’s artificial intelligence and research work. According to a copy of the message commented by Bloomberg, he regretted how he handled Gebru’s withdrawal.

Dean wrote: “I know we can and should be more sensitive to this situation.” “I’m sorry for that.” Dean said that Google’s actions to Gebru hurt some Female and black employees, and led them to question whether they belong to the company. He did not directly apologize to Gebru in the email to the employee.

The memo stated that the performance appraisal of executives will now be partly linked to the goals of diversity, fairness and inclusion, and Google will double the number of HR personnel that retain employees.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment. The news site Axios reported on these changes earlier Friday.

Several large companies have adopted diversity as a factor in executive performance and compensation. They include McDonald’s and Microsoft.

At Google, these changes were made after Gebru’s departure caused turmoil. She said she was fired in December after refusing to withdraw research papers that criticized key Google technologies or delete Google authors from them. Google has said that Gebru, the former co-head of moral AI, resigned. Despite this, former colleagues are still angry about the company’s handling of the matter.

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On Thursday, the company appointed Marian Croak as vice president of engineering and promoted an experienced black woman to lead a new centralized organization to develop AI responsibly. The further changes outlined on Friday marked the conclusion of an internal investigation into the handling of Gebru’s departure.

Dean also elaborated a plan to clarify the process of approving Google authors for externally published research papers. He said that the current process has too many overlapping parts, especially for “sensitive” research, it is not always clear what is considered sensitive.

Dean wrote: “We are building a more unified, from start to finish process, and provide clearer guidance on what steps are needed, the person in charge of each step, and Google’s research goals and priorities.”

Dean did not address the question posed by the Gebru example, which is whether to allow Google’s AI ethics team to rigorously review the technology used by the search and advertising giants in its commercial products.

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