According to internal letters seen by Reuters, Alphabet’s Google plans to shut down a long-running program that targets entry-level engineers from underrepresented because participants stated that the program implemented “systematic pay inequality. “.

Google confirmed that it is replacing the engineering site with a new program, saying that it “has been evaluating programs to ensure that they continue to evolve and adapt over time to meet the needs of our employees.”

Google last year promised to increase the retention rate of underrepresented employee groups.

Critics have long believed that Google and its technology industry peers favor white, Asian, and male employees in terms of recruitment, promotion, and compensation. Since the “Black people’s fate” protests a year ago, companies have become increasingly concerned about the diversity of the workforce.

Since 2014, Google Residency (commonly referred to as “Eng Res”) has provided graduates of hundreds of schools with the opportunity to work in different teams, receive training, and prove that they will get a permanent job within a year. Three former residents said it provided contact for a group of peers.

According to a presentation in June 2020 and an accompanying letter to management, a source said that with more than 500 current and former residents signed, residents are the “most diverse group” of Google software engineers , “Mainly from underrepresented groups.”

The presentation stated that compared with other software engineers, residents received the lowest possible salary, fewer year-end bonuses, and no stocks, resulting in a salary deficit of “tens of thousands of dollars”.

According to reports, almost all residents have become regular employees. It said that many alumni continue to feel the “negative impact” of their starting salary on their current salary many years later. Google said it is committed to eliminating long-term differences in permanent hiring of residents.

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This letter was sent after Google made a large donation to promote racial justice when the global outcry against the murder of George Floyd sparked a global outcry. The letter stated that black, Latino, and female employees “deserve more than just the’opportunity to work at Google’”.

“Google is willing to invest a lot of money on racial inequality outside the workplace, but it still seems unwilling to address or even recognize the role of the Eng Res program in implementing systemic pay inequality,” it said.

On June 2, Vice President Maggie Johnson sent an email to alumni stating that Google would replace internships with a new program it designed for 2022 called “Early Career Immersion” (ECI) Raw. The news seen by Reuters did not explain the reason for the conversion, but stated that ECI will include guidance and training.

The company said the plan will provide permanent employment opportunities. The Google employee’s introduction said that the worry about getting a job made the engineer interns feel a “probation period.”

Google said in a statement that the old plan tried to provide “a wide range of high-potential engineers” with opportunities to “hone their skills and gain relevant experience when they start their careers.” “Our early career immersion program will provide a new approach.”

Google continues to run other fixed-term residency projects, including 26 months of internal technical system work and 18 months of artificial intelligence researcher projects. The company stated that it has no other residence updates.

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